Vocabulary Review Ch. 1-10 for Travel and Tourism

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Independent BusinessBusiness that has only one establishment and is not connected legally or by contact to any other business; also called single-unit businessLodging IndustryIndustry that consist of business providing overnight accommodationMulti unit BusinessBusiness that has two or more establishments that function as a part of a chain or franchiseProfessional AssociationA group of people organized to improve themselves, their profession, and their industryRecreationAny activity that people do for rest, relaxation, and enjoymentRecreation IndustryIndustry that consists of providers of activities for rest, relaxation, and enjoymentSingle unit BusinessBusiness that has only one establishment and does not connect legally or by contract to any other businessTourism IndustryIndustry consisting of businesses that organize and promote travel for business, leisure, and other purposesTravel industryIndustry that consists of business that physically move travelers from one place to anotherTravel packagePackage that includes trip arrangements for several segments of the hospitality industry, such as transportation, lodging, meals, and entertainmentBack Of the houseArea in a hospitality business that guests usually do not seeBack of The House EmployeesEmployee whose work rarely involves interacting with customersConsistent Quality ServiceProviding the same good service and products to customers each and every time they come to a businessCritical MomentTime when the customer's experience makes a bigger impact on customer satisfaction than at other timesCustomerSomeone who purchases products and services from a businessCustomer SatisfactionThe positive feeling customers have about a business that meets their needsCustomer ServiceThe total customer experience with a hospitality businessCustomer focused EmployeeEmployee who can anticipate customer needsEmpathyAbility if individuals to put themselves in someone else's shoes and know how that person feelsFront of The HouseArea in a hospitality business that customers usually seeFront of the house EmployeeEmployees whose main function is to interact with employeesGuestCustomer who purchases products or services from a hospitality businessQuality ServiceService that meets or exceeds customer expectationsServiceActivity that is done for another personService EncounterInteraction between a customer and a staff memberWord of Mouth PublicityInformal conversation people have about their experience with a businessSouvenirItem that reminds travelers of a place they visitedCruisePleasure trip taken by a boat or shipHotelierOwner or manager of a hotelMotelEstablishment that combines basic hotel services with convenience for the automotive travelerAmenityExtra items or services that add to a traveler's comfort or convenienceDiversityWord used to describe a group of people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, religions, beliefs, and languagesAccessibleAble to be used or entered by a person with a disabilityPeak SeasonsSeasons with the highest demandOff peak SeasonsSeasons with the lowest demandRecessionPeriod when the economy is slowing down and doing poorly; also called contractionContractionPeriod when the economy is slowing down and doing poorly; also called recessionExpansionPeriod when the economy is growing and doing wellGlobalizationProcess in which the economies of different nations become interconnectedTransnational CorporationCorporation that has major operations in several countriesTrendGeneral direction in which something is travelingDemographic TrendIncrease or decrease over time in the number of people in a demographic subgroupSocial TrendChange in the structure or beliefs of the societyLifestyle TrendChange in the way people live their livesFoodserviceThe business of making and servicing prepared food and drink, including restaurants, hotels, clubs, catering, healthcare facilities, transportation centers and cruise lines.Commercial FoodserviceConsists of food and beverage businesses that compete for customers, for example Olive Garden and Dunkin' Donuts.Quick Service RestaurantProvides customers with convenience, speed, and basic service at low prices, for example fast food restaurants, cafeterias, buffets, and carryout restaurants.Fast Food RestaurantGenerally has a counter where you place your order and wait for it.CafeteriaA foodservice in which the food is displayed along a counter called a serving line.BuffetConsists of food displayed on tables and customers serve themselves.Carryout RestaurantSpecializes in preparing food for customer to take with them to eat at home or elsewhere.Full Service RestaurantA restaurant in which customers sit at a table and give their orders to a server, who brings their food to the table.Fine Dining RestaurantEmphasizes the highest quality in service, ingredients, décor, and atmosphere.CateringThe provision of food and service for a special event.In house FoodserviceFoodservice that is run by the institution itself.Contract FoodserviceFoodservice in which an outside company is hired to run a food operation.Restaurant ConceptThe whole idea of the restaurant or the restaurant chain.ThemeA specific idea around which something is organized.AmbianceThe feeling or mood associated with a particular place also known as atmosphere.MarketConsists of all the people who could potentially buy what you are selling.Market SegmentA subgroup of a larger market; has similar need and wants for the product you are selling.ReservationPromise to hold something for a customer until the customer needs it.Booking a reservationProcess of taking a reservation.OverbookingMaking more reservations than there are tables or rooms available.Walk insCustomers who arrive at a restaurant but have not made a reservation.SeatingProcess of finding seats for customers in a restaurant.Open seatingPolicy in which customers walk in the door and expect to be seated without a reservation.Residence timeTime that it takes a party to eat a meal, pay the bill, and leave the restaurant.Call ahead seatingSeating method in which customers call the restaurant and have their names added to the waiting list, in order to guarantee a place in line.Point of sales system (POS)Computerized system for recording an order at the place where the order is taken (at the point where the sale is made).CulinarySomething related to kitchens and cooking.Pass throughSpecial area equipped with heat lamps to keep the food hot until served.Restaurant managerManager responsible for everything that happens in the front of the house.ServerWorkers who serve the customers and meet all of their needs.BusserWorker who assists the servers and is responsible for setup, clearing, and resetting of tables.CookPerson who prepares food for eating.ChefProfessional cook.Executive chefTop manager in a restaurant or hotel kitchen.Sous chefSecond in command in the kitchen.Kitchen managerTop manager in the kitchen of a unit of a chain restaurant.StewardWorker who supervises the dishwashing, pot washing, and cleanup.DishwasherWorker who operates the dishwashing machine.ExpediterMember of the culinary staff who gets the orders from the servers, gives them to the station chefs or line cooks, and checks the orders before they are picked up.Full service hotelLarge hotel that provides many services.ConciergeHotel staff member who helps guests make arrangements, such as dinner reservations.Continental breakfastBreakfast consisting of breakfast foods that do not need to be cooked.Convention hotelHotel designed to provide for the special needs of conventions and trade shows.Trade showExhibit during which people show the goods and services they have to sell.Exhibit hallSpace where a trade show is held.Convention centerLarge building designed specifically to hold large meetings, conventions and trade shows.Luxury hotelHotel that provides the highest level of amenities, service, room furnishings, public spaces, and technology.SuiteHotel accommodation that consists of more than one room.ResortPlace that provides entertainment, recreation, and relaxation for vacationers.Resort hotelHotel that caters to the vacationer or leisure traveler.Bed and breakfast (B&B)Private home offering one or more guest rooms.Limited service propertyHotel that focuses on charging lower prices, which it is able to do by providing fewer services than a full service hotel.Limited service hotelsHotels that offer a medium level of service and a midrange price.Budget hotelsHotels that have the lowest rates and the least service.Conference centerLodging facility where 60 percent or more of the total occupancy is generated by conferences.Specialty accommodationsVariety of accommodations that provide less personal service than a full service hotel, but more than a motel.HostelInexpensive place to stay where sleeping rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen facilities are shared.Hotel managementDay to day running of the hotel.Affiliation groupGroup of independent hotels that creates a central office for reservations and marketing; also called a referral system or consortium.Rack rateOfficial for one night's lodging at a lodging property.Room ratePrice actually charged to a guest for one night's lodging.Guest mixPercentage of each segment that is staying at a lodging property.Meal planRoom rate that includes meals.Lodging conceptWhole idea of the lodging property or chain.