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Conflict involves disagreement between two or more parties because of:

incompatible goals

EI is defined as

the power to control one's emotions and perceive emotions in others

Estimates show that managers spend what percent of their time dealing with conflict?


The power not only to control emotions but also perceive them is termed

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Conflict can be functional, or a positive force, in all of the following situations except

when a group and organizational cohesion is broken down

According to the discussion of conflict offered in the text, conflict cannot be:


All of the following are negative conflict diagnostic questions except:

Do the potential losses exceed any potential benefits?

As a manager, your ability to diagnose conflict as good or bad is contingent upon your looking at all of the following except:

the presence of groupthink

One occasion in which managers should work to stimulate conflict is when:

the group suffers from groupthink

Which of the following is NOT a structural factor in causing conflict?

values an ethics

Two departments in a university are engaged in a conflict because one had its budget cut. This is an example of conflict based on:

common resources

t a software company there is one person for databases, one for statistical packages, and another for expert systems. The structural cause for conflict between these individuals is


Which of the following is NOT a structural cause of conflict in organizations?

skills and abilities

You have a problem with your computer, so you call the company that made it. They inform you that the problem is caused by software, so you call the software division and they tell you it's the hardware. This is an example of:

jurisdictional ambiguities

Two machine operators disagree over the cause of an equipment breakdown. This conflict is based on differences in:


Long lasting and difficult conflicts between individuals usually stem from differences in


The conflict that occurs between a company and a union during a strike is:


Conflict that occurs between two or more organizations is considered:

interorganizational conflict

Which of the following is the best example of a where you might find an intergenerational conflict?

Conflict between baseball's players' union and management

Conflict that occurs between teams in an organization is referred to as:

intergroup conflict

All of the following are positive consequences of intergroup conflict except

we versus them

To avoid dysfunctional conflicts in virtual teams, a manager should:

make sure their tasks fit their methods of interacting

Conflict that occurs between two or more individuals would be considered:

interpersonal conflict

hen a child gets sick at school, the parent often must leave work to care for the child. This would be an example of:

interrole conflict

As a supervisor, you are not likely to be able to solve _____ conflict of others.


Suppose a manager receives counseling from her department head that she needs to socialize less with the nonmanagement employees. She also is told by her project manager that she needs to be a better team member, and that she can accomplish this by socializing more with the other nonmanagement team members. This is an example of:

intrarole conflict

One of the positive sides of intrapersonal conflicts is

defining moments

When one's values conflict with his/her job demands, this is _____ conflict.


The conflict that develops when a role behavior clashes with individual values is called:


When an intrapersonal conflict forces us to choose between right and right, the situation is called a:

defining moment

Person-role conflicts typically stem from differences in _____ between the focal person and the organization or work group.


A good technique for managing intrarole conflict is:

role analysis

The behavioral tendencies associated with an equal versus equal power relationship is:

the tendency to compete

The problem associated with the equal versus equal power relationship is:


Interventions such as improving coordination between the parties and working toward common interests are most appropriate for which type of interpersonal conflict?

equal versus equal relationship

Middle managers frequently are caught in a power squeeze. This conflict takes the form of:

role conflict

A defense mechanism in which an individual continues dysfunctional behavior that will clearly not solve a conflict is known as:


Which of the following defense mechanisms takes the form of aggressive behavior directed at someone else who is not the source of the conflict?


When a person continually responds with pessimism to attempts at solving a problem, he/she is displaying:


The tendency for an individual to make up for a bad relationship at home by spending more time at the office is considered what type of defense mechanism?

compromise mechanism

The mechanisms used by individuals to make the best of a conflict situation are considered:

compromise mechanisms

Escape from conflict by daydreaming is known as:


The cooperative approach to conflict management leads to:

win-win solutions

An ineffective technique for dealing with conflict where a delaying action is used to buy time is referred to as:

administrative orbiting

Two of your employees are having a disagreement over the scheduling of a production run. An appropriate way to resolve this conflict is

negotiate with the parties

Disagreements over wages and working conditions between a union and an employer are usually resolved through:


A negotiation approach where each party seeks to maximize its resources is called:

distributive bargaining

When contrasting American and Japanese business cultures, Americans tend to _____, whereas the Japanese prefer _____.

be individualistic; collectivism

The key to managing conflict in a multicultural workforce is

understanding cultural differences and appreciating their value

One way of classifying styles of conflict management is to examine the styles' cooperativeness and the styles':


In research on styles of conflict management, the _____ style was least effective.


The accommodating conflict management style is one where you are concerned that the other party's goals be met but relatively unconcerned with getting your own way. Research has shown that individuals will sometimes overestimate the importance of the relationship and focus too heavily on the overuse of accommodating at the expense of the actual outcomes. The overuse of accommodating has been shown to be more prevalent when:

two females are involved in the conflict

Which of the following styles of conflict management results in both parties (persons or groups) to the dispute giving something up to reach an understanding?


When two departments are in conflict but are also facing a common threat, the _____ style of conflict management is most appropriate.


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