Crile Wood Needle Holder

Bishop Harmon Forceps


Joseph Skin Hook

Tebbetts Retractor

Laryngeal mirror

Derma Mesher

Freeman Nipple Marking Template

Iris Scissors

Stevens Tenotomy Scissors

Kaye face lift scissors

Littler plastic surgery scissors

McKissock keyhole

Hand grafting knife

Dingman mouth gag

Freeman face lift retractor

Cottle double double hook

Blair elevator

Ryder slim needle holder

Castroviejo micro needle holder

Clodius Elevator

Liposuction cannula's

At the beginning of breast reduction surgery, the surgeon request an instrument to mark the areola. You hand him/her a:
A. Blair
B. Crile-Wood
C. Clodius
D. Freeman


A ____________ is a type of self-retaining mouth gag.
A. Cottle
B. Blair
C. Dingman
D. Clodius


You are scrubbed in on a skin graft. The surgeon is ready to cut the graft from the thigh. The instrument he/she may use is a:
A. Lucas
B. McKesson
C. dermatome
D. Crane


Which of the following is a FALSE concerning Bishop-Harmon tissue forceps?
A. The tips can have teeth.
B. The tips can be serrated.
C. They are used on heavy tissue
D. Tips are 0.3 mm or 0.5 mm in diameter.

They are used on heavy tissue.

Cannulas as of various sizes ---depending on the body site --- are used in what type of procedure?
A. skin graft
B. breast augmentation
C. liposuction
D. blephroplasty


Which procedure is most likely to use a McKissock?
A. breast augmentation
B. mastectomy
C. breast reduction
D. liposuction

breast reduction

A Ryder is a type of:
A. needle holder
B. clamp
C. scissors
D. suction

needle holder

Kaye scissors would most likely be used during which procedure?
A. breast augmentation
B. breast reduction
C. face-lift
D. rhinoplasty


A Tebbetts is categorized as a _____________ instrument.
A. clamping
B. grasping
C. cutting
D. retracting


A Freeman is a type of:
A. clamp
B. retractor
C. forceps
D. scissors


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