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Meiosis is a form of cell division that leads to the production of _________.

Gametes (Egg and sperm cells) and are HAPLOID (1 set of chromosomes)

Adult body cells, aka ____, are diploid/haploid.

Somatic cells, diploid (2 sets of chromosomes)

Sexual reproduction includes the fusion of gametes, aka ______, to produce a diploid _________.

fertilization, zygote

Meiosis involves two successsive _____ divisions with no replication of _________________.

cell, genetic material

Meiosis results in a reduction of chromosome number from ________ to ________.

diploid to halpoid


Homologous chromosomes become closely associated with eachother. Proteins between the homologues hold them in a synaptonemal complex.

Crossing over

genetic recombination between non sister chromatids

*chiasmata: sites of crossing over

Mitosis produces 2 cells that are _________ to eachother.


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