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Medulla Oblongata

Reflexive, involuntary control of heart, breathing, blood vessels


Timing of subconscious breathing


Subconscious control of coordination of voluntary muscle


Filter and relay visual and auditory stimuli, reflexive control of eye movement, focusing lens and pupil diameter


Control of ANS and pituitary gland, regulates involuntary body functions, homeostasis


perception of sensations and emotions, relaying afferent and efferent impulses to/from cerebrum

Pineal gland

endocrine gland- secretes one hormone

pituitary gland

endocrine gland- secretes many hormones


transport of hormones and conduction of impulses from hypothalamus to pituitary gland

cerebrum (overall)

choice, intelligence, memory, awareness, personality

longitudinal fissure

divides cerebrum into cerebral hemispheres

L cerebral hemisphere

speech sounds, understanding sequential, rational & analytical concepts

R Cerebral hemisphere

non-speech sounds, spatial perception, holistic, artistic and emotional concepts

frontal lobe

voluntary control of muscles, learning, planning, higher psychological functions

parietal lobe

perception of somesthetic (touch, temperature, taste) and kinesthetic sensation (body position)

temporal lobe

perception of auditory sensations and related speech centers

occipital lobe

perception of visual sensations

corpus callosum & anterior commissure

communication between the two cerebral hemispheres

gyri and sulci

increase surface area of cerebrum for exchange of nutrients/wastes to/from blood vessels in pia mater

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