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Which of the following should not be refrigerated when stored at the pharmacy?
A.)DDAVP rhinal tube
B.) Biaxin Suspension
C.) Phospholine iodide
D.) Epogen
Biaxin Suspension
A patient would like a printout of their medication profile for the past 12 months as well as one for their child. In order to further assist the patient, the pharmacy technician should ask about the:
A.) child's age
B.) reason for the request
C.) insurance information
D.) patient's allergy history
A.) child's age
A prescription written for which of the following drugs could be filled with atorvastatin if generic substitution is allowed?
A.) Lipitor
B.) Lopid
C.) Mevacor
D.) Zocor
A.) Lipitor
When medication is repackaged, a record is kept for:
A.) recall and quality assurance
B.) staff performance evaluations
C.) drug distribution efficiencies
D.) cost control analyses
A.) recall and quality assurance
When generic drugs or formulary products are dispensed, some third-party payers reward pharmacies by:
A.) paying a higher dispensing fee
B.) paying a lower dispensing fee
C.) charging patients a lower co-pay
D.) charging patients a higher co-pay
A.) paying a higher dispensing fee
According to USP Chapter 797, how should a pharmacy technician recap a needle to prevent a needle stick?
B.) A technician should use the one-hand scoop method
Which of the following medications should be avoided by patients allergic to sulfa drugs?
A.) Biaxin
B.) Keflex
C.) Ceftin
D.) Bactrim
D.) Bactrim
In order to minimize the risk of contamination by pathogens, hospital staff should
B.)follow procedures to ensure that infectious agents are handled and disposed of properly
A pharmacy technician is entering a prescription when a warning message appears that reads "Contraindicated in patients with sulfa sensitivity." Which part of the patients profile should be reviewed?
B.) Medication allergies
Thiamine is one of which of the following vitamins?
B.) B
Which of the following references would provide a pharmacy technician with information about identifying foreign drugs?
B.) Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference
Worker's compensation provides coverage for
people with job-related illnesses or injuries
Medicare part D requires a patient to have which of the following to be eligible?
Medicare Parts A and/or B
The pharmacy computer database should include all of the following except:
A.) patient allergy information
B.) patient Social Security numbers
C.) prescriber NPI numbers
D.) prescriber DEA numbers
B.) patient Social Security numbers
Which of the following sequences in the process of billing is correct when a patient has two insurance plans?
A.) The primary plan must be billed first and then the secondary plan
Which of the following medications may need additional separation on the shelf to avoid dispensing errors with Librium if they are stored alphabetically by generic name?
A.) Xanax
B.) Thorazine
C.) Keflex
D.) Trimox
B.) Thorazine
Which of the following products or services does OBRA require pharmacists to offer to Medicaid patients?
A patient presents a new prescription order for Labetalol. The patient's computer profile shows the following medications: glyburide, albuterol, furosemide, atenolol, and amlodipine. The labetalol prescription order is a therapeutic duplication of:
B.) atenolol
Which of the following antibiotic products may cause a cross-sensitivity reaction in patients who are allergic to penicillin?
A.) Amphotericin
B.) Augmentin
C.) Amikacin
D.) Aminophylline
B.) Augmentin
In accordance with USP, when a pharmacy technician is unpacking a shipment order that may contain cytotoxic agents, which of the following should be worn as a minimum precaution?
A.) gloves
An example of a drug-disease interaction is
A.) gemfibrozil- arthritis
B.) cephalexin-asthma
C.) pseudoephedrine- hypertension
D.) digoxin-diabetes
C.) pseudoephedrine-hypertension
A pharmacy technician receives a telephone call from a worried patient who heard on the news that an inhales is being recalled. The technician should tell the patient to:
D.) bring the medication to the pharmacy to check the lot number and manufacturer
Which patient monitoring function identifies drugs to avoid using together?
A.) Drug-drug interaction
A patient picking up a prescription order for Naproxen inquires if the pharmacy has ibuprofen in a nonprescription strength. In response to this request, the pharmacy technician should:
A.) inquire if the ibuprofen is for the same patient as the Naproxen, if so, notify the pharmacist of a potential therapeutic duplication
A pharmacy technician is asked to divide a bulk bottle of chloral hydrate 500 mg/5 ml into 1 teaspoon unit-of-use packaging. The best option for portioning out the drug is to use a(n):
A.)oral liquid syringe
What is the most important step to ensure proper payment from a third-party payer when a pharmacy technician receives and processes a prescription?
C.) Entering prescription information into the system as written
The SDS provides safety information for
A.) dealing with exposure to a hazardous drug
Expired investigational drugs should be:
A.) returned to the sponsor of the drug study according to instructions provided
A major role of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee is developing:
A.) the formulary status of drugs
When a pharmacy technician order is received, the shipment should be inspected for:
C.) completeness
Which of the following products must be dispensed in its original container?
A.) Oxycodone 30 mg sustained release tablets
B.) Isosorbide mononitrate 30 mg sustained release tablets
C.) Oxycodone 5 mg immediate release tablets
D.) Nitroglycerin 0.4 mg sublingual tablets
D.) Nitroglycerin 0.4 mg sublingual tablets
According to federal law, prescriptions for Schedule III controlled substances may:
A.) be refilled for up to 6 months if indicated
When intravenous solutions are prepared, end-product testing involves:
C.) visually inspecting the compounded solution for particulate matter
To properly maintain a pharmacy software system, database files should be:
C.) backed up daily
According to ISMP, which of the following drug classifications is considered high-alert in a community pharmacy setting?
B.) Antiretrovirals
Which of the following is the best strategy for reducing the possibility of dispensing errors when utilizing narcotics in nursing wards?
B.) Limit the opiates available on floor stock
The brand name for nizatidine is:
C.) Axid
When withdrawing an injectable drug from a glass ampule to transfer it into a sterile empty vial, the pharmacy technician should use a:
D.) filter needle
According to federal law, a complete inventory of the controlled substances on hand in a pharmacy must be made every:
D.) 2 years
Medical device safety alerts are issued by the FDA when a device:
A.) may present an unreasonable risk of substantial harm
Which of the following is the best method for informing a physician that a particular drug has been discontinued by the manufacturer?
D.) Communicate directly with the physician or the physician's staff
A reverse distributor for pharmaceuticals:
B.) removes and disposes of pharmaceutical waste
A patient rushes to the pharmacy with an order written for Digoxin 0.25 mg PO STAT, but the pharmacist has stepped out of the pharmacy to recommend an OTC medication. In this situation the pharmacy technician should:
C.) page the pharmacist to come back to dispense the Digoxin
When submitting a claim to Medicare for Zostavax administration, which professional service code should be sent for appropriate reimbursement to occur?
A.) MA
A patient diagnosed with type 2 diabetes requests a refill of a prescription for extended-release glipizide. The patient approximately 15 days late in refilling the prescription. The patient, when asked if the medication is being taken as directed says " Yes, I always take it at breakfast, but many days I simply don't have time to eat before I leave for work." How should the pharmacy technician respond?
Ask the patient to speak with the pharmacist to clarify the prescription directions
All of the following must appear on a repackaged unit-dose label except:
A.) strength of medication
B.) wholesaler name
C.) dosage form of medication
D.) generic name of medication
B.) wholesaler name
The pharmacy technician should suspect the possibility of a counterfeit medication if the:
patient reports that the drug tastes or looks different and does not work as well
The primary routing mechanism for a real-time third party prescription claim is a
Upon obtaining initial patient information, the pharmacy technician should
document known allergies
The generic name for Aldactone is
Which of the following medication purchases must be tracked in Methcheck?
Which of the following is an antiemetic?
Which of the following must be included if a new prescription is to be considered complete and clear?
Date Written
A logical and systematic process used to help identify what, how and why something happened in order to prevent recurrence is referred to as
root cause analysis
An important step that helps ensure that prescription are filled for and dispensed to the correct patient is:
Patient identification
Which of the following activities may be performed by a clinically oriented pharmacy technicians on a nutrition service?
Procuring patients serum chemistry values to assist pharmacists in monitoring TPN formulations
A vial of medication shows the manufacturers expiration date as November 2020. The last date on which the medication may be used is
November 30, 2020
For safety reasons the medical abbreviation QOD should not be used, instead it should be written as
every other day
According to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), which of the following is considered a look-alike sound-alike medication pair?
Spiriva and Apidra
Which of the following medications would require extra security if placed in a point-of-care automated dispensing unit?
A.) Toradol 10 mg
B.) Reglan 10 mg
C.) Hydromorphone 2mg
D.) Promethazine 25 mg
Hydromorphone 2 mg
A patient decided to transfer their diazepam prescription from a chain pharmacy to a mail order pharmacy that does not share a real-time, online database. According to federal law, a schedule IV prescription
can be transferred no more than one time between these pharmacies
A pharmacy receives the following prescription:
Suboxone 8mg/2mg SL film #60
Sig: 2 films SL once a day
How should this medication be used?
Under the tongue
What kind of lettering is encouraged by the FDA, ISMP, and TJC to help distinguish look-alike sound-alike drugs from one another and avoid medication errors?
Tall Man
Which of the following would be an appropriate source to consult regarding the handling of glacial acetic acid?
Safety Data Sheets
The theft or loss of significant quantities of controlled substances must be reported to the
Which auxiliary label should be affixed to a prescription bottle of metronidazole?
Do not drink alcoholic beverages when taking this medication
If a pharmacy organizes its inventory with generic products next to the corresponding brand name products, which of the following medications will be correctly paired?
A.) Propoxyphene and Proscar
B.)Diphenhydramine and Benadryl
C.) Pantoprazole and Carafate
D.) Ranitidine and Prozac
Diphenhydramine and Benadryl
Which of the following is the correct term for the number of times that a pharmacy's entire stock is used and replaced within a certain period of time, such as a year?
Turnover rate
A pharmacy technician receives a prescription for Dilaudid 4 mg tablets DAW. The pharmacy is out of Dilaudid. The technician fills the prescription with hydromorphone. The pharmacist performs the final check and tells the technician that hydromorphone cannot be dispensed because
Generic substitution is not authorized by prescriber
Upon receipt of a medication order, two important steps should be taken, which include reviewing the order for
completeness and prioritizing the order based upon urgency