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Maintaining Windows


A dynamic disk requires __MB of storage for the disk management database.


For optimal performance, how much free space does Windows need on a hard drive?

Active partition

Which partition is the bootable partition that startup BIOS turns to when searching for an operation system to start up?


An extra copy of a data or software file that you can use if the original file becomes damaged or destroyed.

Backup and Restore

Besides backing up user data or system files, you can also back up the entire volume on which Windows 7 is installed using________________.

Basic Disk

Can be partitioned and formatted as a standalone drive.


To make sue the drive is healthy, you need to search for and repair file system errors using the Windows ______ utility.

Chkdsk Utility

Searches for bad sectors on a volume and recovers the data from them if possible.


What is another name for a file allocation unit?


If you enter a command and want to terminate its execution before it is finished, you can press __________ to do so.


Use the ______ command to rearrange parts of files on the drive so they are contiguous.


Rearranges files on the drive into as few segments as possible.

Disk Management

You can use ______________ to convert two or more basic disks to dynamic disks.

Dynamic Volumes

Can span more than one hard drive.

extended partition

What is the fourth partition on a hard drive called?

File system

Overall structure an OS uses to name, store, and organize file on a drive.


_____________ happens over time as Windows writes files, deletes files, and writes new file to you drive.

Magnetic hard disk drives

What type of hard drive contains spinning platters?


The __ command creates a subdirectory under a directory.

Mounted Disk

A__________ is a volume that can be accessed by way of a folder on another volume so that the folder has more available space.

Mounted drive

A volume that can be accessed by way of a folder on another volume so that the folder has more available space.

Once a Week

How often does Windows 7/Vista automatically defragment a hard drive?


A hidden file stored in the root directory of drive C:

restore point

A snapshot of the system settings and configuration is called a ____________.

restore points

Snapshots of the system and include windows system files that have changed.

System Protection

_______________ creates restore points at regular intervals and just before you install software or hardware.

System Restore

_____________ restores the system to its condition at the time a snapshot was taken of the system settings and configuration.


Space on the disk is marked as ___________ if it has not yet been partitioned.

Virtual Memory

What is Pagefile.sys used for in Windows?

Virtual Memory

Used to enhance the amount of RAM in a system.

Wild card

As you work at the command prompt, you can use ________ characters in a filename to say that the command applies to a group of files or to abbreviate a filename if you do not know the entire name.

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