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NOT a good dimensioning practice
repeating dimensions of the same feature in multiple views for clarity
When all dimensions and text are oriented to read from the bottom of the page, the system is dimensioned with
a unidirectional system
(t/f) Sweeping uses a 2D profile to define a 3D object
This object is represented in drawings but does not have a counterpart on the object
center line
(t/f) isometric and multiview sketches are classified as orthographic projection techniques
LEAST important in making a technical sketch
grid paper
Dimension shared by the
- rear
-left sides
Line that connects dimension lines to object
extension lines
Section removed to reveal shape and depth of rib (special section)
revolved section
(t/f) a true isometric projection of an object and isometric drawing of the same object are the same size
(t/f) Construction geometry is directly represented in the final part model
What does not define a plane
two skew lines
An easier drawing to understand if you're having difficulty
Using standard US drawing procedure, where is the left view of a sketch drawn
to the left of the front view
in orthographic projection, a face that appears foreshortened in horizontal, frontal, and profile image planes is known as
A common copying process in a 3D CAD member
When drawing a multiview projection and two or more lines overlap,
the visible line is drawn when it coincides with a hidden line
Three principal views in an orthographic projection
Front, horizontal, profile
NOT part of the refinement process
Ideation sketching
The restraint that is automatically placed between geometric elements as you sketch the part
Reading from Vernier scale
When all three angles of the axonometric axes on an object are equal, the drawing is considered an
isometric projection
(t/f) In order to choose the appropriate scale, you must know the size of the paper on which you will be printing
Top and right side views share what dimension
The distance of a sweep operation in a solid model is defined by all BUT
The axes of a Cartesian coordinate system are
mutually perpendicular
(t/f) ANSI Standards suggest the use of any character of text style of letting for notes and dimensions on a technical drawing as long as its legible
When a parent feature is copied in one or two dimensions with specifications given for distances between copies and the total number of copies, you can use this tool
linear array/ pattern
Common methods for defining a workplane in a solid model include all BUT
at a point
Responsibility of the production manager
People, plans, processes
When making a multiview sketch, you can
only show two views in some cases
Detail drawing is
a dimensioned multiview drawing of a single part to describe the part's shape, size, material, and finish
Symbol to indicate the diameter of a hole
(o with line through it)
A sectional view is primarily used to reveal which features
interior features
Half section shows
1/4 of the part
In the US the governing body that sets standards used for Engineering and Technical Designs is
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
In a 3D constraint based model, the implicit constraint is
defined based on how the sketch is drawn
What type of line is particular to section drawing
Cutting plane line
(t/f) Extension lines have a visible gap between the object line and the start of the extension
To correctly show the circular view of a hole drilled perpendicular to a profile surface, an image plane is established
parallel to the profile surface with a line of sight perpendicular to the image plane
Technical graphics is so effective because it
uses a common system of standards and conventions
Surface that appears foreshortened in a principal orthographic view, the true size and shape of the surface will be seen in which view
In an orthographic projection, a type of face on the object that is parallel to the profile image plane and seen as an edge in the horizontal and frontal image plane is known as a
normal face
The purpose of an auxiliary view is to
show the true size and shape of a surface
(t/f) Hidden lines are used exclusively for representing features on the interior of an object
Which type of line is thick and black
Visible line
Which of the following pencil leads is best for technical sketching
(t/f) In a multiview drawing, true size and shape of an inclined surface is seen in any auxiliary view where the line of sight used to create the view is perpendicular to the surface
An auxiliary view in orthographic projection may be used to
properly dimension an inclined face
complete a foreshortened feature appearing in a principal view
show the true size and shape of an inclined plane
Sweeping operation used to create a sphere
2 squares and a triangle, dimension shared in aux and front views
A parent feature should always be (__________) relative to its child feature
higher in the feature tree
When changes in the solid model alter the views in the drawing view of the model but not vice versa, the association is
Which type of projection does NOT have the projection lines parallel to each other
Perspective projection
(t/f) It is acceptable for extension lines to intersect but it is not acceptable for extension lines to cross dimension lines
Powerful modeling technique that allows more flexibility than primitive instance in the both the way primitives are defined and the way that they are combined is called
How are non-isometric lines sketched
Located by determining the endpoints of the non-isometric line
(t/f) A multiview and axonometric pictorial use both parallel projection
In an isometric drawing
true- length distances can only be measured along isometric lines
An alternative engineering design approach to linear design process is
Concurrent engineering
When different solid model parts are brought together to define a larger more complex product representation it is called
Assembly modeling
Three types of Boolean operations
Union, difference, and intersection
The drawing that provides the most accurate description of a three dimensional object for engineering and manufacturing requirements
Most constraint based modelers record the features recorded for a part in a
The sequence for the direction of view for any orthographic projection as utilized in the US is
eye of observer-> projection plane-> object
Controls the geometric behavior of a dynamic solid material
In orthographic projection, a type of surface on the object that projects as an edge on the profile image plane and appears foreshortened on the horizontal and frontal image planes is known as
an inclined surface
Elements needed in a 3D CAD modeler to define a circular revolved sweep
Profile, Plane, and Axis
Drawing of 3:1 scale indicates
Drawing is 3x bigger than object it represents
In a 3D CAD modeler, when you begin a part model you need to specify a
Which scale creates the smallest drawing relative to the size of the object
(t/f) The angle of an inclined line in an orthographic view can be transferred directly to an isometric drawing
According to the text, the process for making changes in a design is handled through
an engineering change order
Coordinate system that uses two distances and one angle
Working drawings should include:
Detail drawings, assembly or subassembly drawings, a bill of materials, a titleblock
Which type of 3D model would best define the volumetric information found on the inside and the surface of a created object
Solid model
The top, front, bottom, and multiview drawings are are aligned (___________) and share the same (________________) dimension
vertically, width
Angle greater than that of a semicircle (180*)
Major arc
The absolute location of a solid model in 3D space defined by its position
global/ world coordinate system
(t/f) Aesthetic and functional design both play a role in the product development process
When making an ideation sketch, the most important thing is
proportions of features
In an assembly model, what determines whether the components can translate or rotate relative to each other
Degrees of freedom
Which type of auxiliary view is projected directly from one of the six principal views