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this is the most unique of terrorist organizations because unlike others who prey on the populace and seek to willfully destroy as much property as possible as well, the ELF's guidelines require that anyone acting on its behalf "take all necessary precautions against harming any animal - human or nonhuman" and destroy no more than what is necessary to protect the natural environment, which they believe they must protect for the use of animals and people who value the environment; the amount of losses in the United States alone has been in excess of $200 million dollars after 1,200 acts of vandalism and arson; the organization is active in the United States, Canada, Greece, and the United Kingdom; ecotage is what they call the sabotage of companies and groups who they believe to be enemies of the environment, animals, and people, the activities surrounding such acts are distinct in the Western and Eastern Hemispheres, where Rod Coronado is the "unofficial self-proclaimed" spokesperson for the EFL in North America after Craig Rosebraugh served in the same capacity from 1997-2001; the group originates from Brighton, England and the members of "Earth First!" and took the name from the Animal Liberation Front (AFL), who used similar tactics to protect animals and liberate them from companies using them for their by-products and animal testing and since 1996 virtually no actions have been claimed by the UK EFL unlike the North American group which has been deemed the most active terrorist group in the Western Hemisphere by the FBI; loosely structured with no true leadership, EFL is highly successful and clandestine despite such with the following "nonviolent" guidelines:
1. Inflictmaximumeconomiclossanddamagetoentitiesprofitingfromthedestructionand exploitation of our natural environment.
2. Createpublicawarenessandsupportfortheircausebyrevealingandmakingthepublicaware of the crimes and atrocities being committed against our Earth and all who inhabit it.
3. Takeallnecessaryprecautionstopreventharmorlosstolife.