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drivers ed.

people, vehicles, and roadways
what are the parts of the highway transportation system (HTS)?
you drive to the store, pick up some shampoo, and return home. how many parts of the hts were involved?
compensating for them
good drivers deal with drivers who cannot or will not perform in a safe and responsible manner by
driver who obeys traffic laws
most important element in the regulation o the hts is the
vehicle code
a state's driving-related laws are found in its
the driving task
all the skilled actions a driver must take to drive a car safely are called
drivers must interact with each other
driving is a social task because
which ability is most important to safe driving
inability to make decisions
the greatest problem most beginning drivers face is their
identify, predict, decide, execute
the four steps in the ipde process are
which ipde step do you use when you look ahead and locate a hazard
when you judge where a possible conflict might occur, what ipde step are you using
what ipde step do you use when you apply the brake to stop
defensive driving
protecting yourself and others while driving means you are practicing
passengers, other roadway users, and self
a safe driver is responsible for
driver behavior
which aspect of driving is most affected by attitudes
gain the respect of others
if you demonstrate good attitudes toward driving you can
property damage and injuries they cause to other people
most states have laws requiring drivers to be financially responsible so drivers can pay for
breakdowns of the hts
traffic tie-ups and collisions are examples of
driver error
what is the main cause of most traffic collisions
most result from several causes
most accurate statement about the term "collisions"
lack of experience
the high collision rate of beginning drivers is due mostly to
affects the environment
conserving fuel is important because burning fuel..
regulate, warn, and guide
functions that traffic signs serve
allowing others to go before you
yielding in traffic means
stop and wait for your turn to move
what must you do at a 4 way stop
no faster than is safe for existing conditions
the basic speed law requires you to drive
the action is not allowed
a red circle and diagonal slash on a sign means that
no passing
a sideways triangle sign means
a sign shaped like a diamond
railroad crossing
what does a round traffic sign mean
an orange sign
a construction zone is indicated by
provide information
guide signs..
symbols, not words
international roadway signs only use
make every reasonable effort to stop
your traffic light changes to yellow as you approach an intersection. in most cases, what action should you take
stopping and yielding to pedestrians and vehicles
where right turn on red is permitted, you can turn right after
stop, then proceed when the intersection is clear
what action should you take when you come to a flashing red light
turn right after yielding to other traffic and pedestrians
you see a green arrow pointing to the right. you want to turn right. you should
you must move from that lane
a red x over your traffic lane means
the only one to follow regardless of traffic signals
a traffic-control officer's signal is
no passing from either way
two solid yellow center lines on a two-lane highway means
broken white lines
separate lanes of traffic moving in the same direction (what kind of lines)
generally not to cross the line
a solid white line between two lanes of traffic means that you are
what roadway markings are used to guide your drivin path
no parking zones
curbs painted red, yellow, or white are generally designated as
turning the ignition switch on
you can make sure that warning lights are working by
engine coolant
the temperature light or gauge indicates the temperature of
the braking system is not working properly
the brake system warning light tells you
when the ignition switch is turned to 'lock' the shift lever and steering wheel are
require less physical effort on the brake
power brakes
press accelerator pedal halfway to the floor
to activate the automatic choke
a blind spot
the area to the rear of the car not seen in mirrors is
up so the lever remains on
to indicate a right turn, move the lever
approach from the front of the car
when entering a car from the street side
fasten your safety belft
what is the last thing you do as a check inside the car
press accelerator lightly and hold it
to start a warm carbureted engine:
leave the accelerator alone
to start a warm fuel injection engine:
thinking task
the driving task is primarily a
seeing, thinking, and responding
the ipde process is an organized system of
ahead after each check
in an orderly visual search pattern, the driver should glance
look far ahead as you drive
aim high in steering means to
identify only important driving clues and events
selective seeing means that you
move into the through lane as soon as possible
when you identify that a roadway is narrowing from a multilane to a single lane, you should
when you interpret the information you have identified, you
measuring, comparing, and evaluating a traffic situation
making driving judgments involves
judge where possible points of conflict may occur
when you use the predict step in the ipde process, you
how to avoid conflict with others
you should base your driving decisions primarily on
leave yourself an out
you are going to change direction, therefore you must
making sure others see you
communication with others to reduce risk in a possible conflict situation involves
i am planning to slow or stop
when you top your brake pedal, what message are you giving to other drivers?
accelerate, brake, steer, and communicate
the most important actions you will execute frequently to avoid conflicts are
avoid locking the brakes
when braking in an emergency stop, you should
executing a combination of actions
when you accelerate and steer at the same time, you are
the distance you can see ahead
your sight distance is
reduce speed
as traction decreases, you should
adjust speed to separate hazards
when you must handle several hazards at the same time, the best tactic is to
give as much space as possible to the greater hazard
when you compromise space you
combine the steps into one smooth process
after you learn each step of the ipde process you should
more time
as the traffic scene increases in complexity, what do you need to carry out the ipde process
a car's speed when going downhill tends to
raises the car's center of gravity
placing a filled roof top carrier on a car
kinetic energy
energy of motion is another way of expressing
four times the distance to stop
because of its energy of motion, when a vehicle's speed doubles, the vehicle needs about
the gripping action which keeps a tire from slipping on the roadway is called
allow water to flow away from the tire
one purpose of the tread pattern on a tire is to
used to turn
when you slow for a turn, some traction is used to slow and some is
help create traction
good shock absorbers
less traction than on a paved roadway
on a sandy, muddy, or gravel roadway, a car's tires have
go in a straight line
a car driven into a curve tends to
needs more traction to stay on the roadway
you drive through a curve at a speed higher than the posted speed. your car
slow stopping ability
large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, have
poor for quick turning
compared to other passenger vehicles, the turning ability of most recreational vehicles is
perception, reaction, and braking distances
total stopping distance consists of
increases as speed increases
braking distance
your stopping distance
the 4 second rule is an estimate of
is different than other vehicles
one fact you can assume about your car's braking ability is that it
when a moving object hits something, what is the most important factor in determining how hard it hits
bushes, because they give more and cushion impact
given the choice of colliding with bushes or with a parked car, you should choose the
steering wheel and column
which energy-asorbing feature prtects the driver in a front end collision
the occupants hit the inside of the car after a collision
the second collision occurs when
a safety belt
an example of an active restraint is
a passive restraint
a restraint that provides protection without having to be handled by the occupant is called
required in all states for children up to a certain age
a properly installed child safety seat is
far ahead toward the center of your intended path
to steer straight forward, look
turns the steering wheel too much
a beginning driver may tend to oversteer. this means the driver
see through the rear window
as you back your car straight, your right arm should be over the back of the seat so you can
left arm and hand extended straight out
the correct hand signal for a left turn is
you are in the left lane and intend to turn right
in which situation would you make a lane change to the right.
check to see that the roadway ahead has no obstructions
just before beginning any lane change maneuver
pulling the steering wheel down with one hand while your other hand crosses over to pull the wheel farther down
hand over hand steering involves
use hand over hand to unwind the steering wheel
in straightening the car after a turn
be in the correct lane about a block before the turn
to plan for a turn, you should
you will have both hands free for turning
you need to downshift to slow for a turn. why should you complete the downshift before the turn
the lane closest to the center line
which lane should you be in to begin a left turn from a two-way street
to the left
before turning right, your last check for traffic should be
rear and right
when backing to the right, after checking all around the car, look to the
pull the steering wheel to the left
to back to the left, you
you cross or back into one or more lanes of traffic
a turnabout maneuver is risky because
a place with at least 500 feet of clear visibility in each direction
prepare to safely make a turnabout by selecting
back into the traffic flow before moving forward
a disadvantage of pulling into a driveway on the left side to turnabout is that you must
backing into a driveway or an alley on the right
the safest turnabout maneuver is
at a right angle to the curb
use perpendicuar parking to park
can see down the right stall line
to enter an angle parking space to your right, turn the front wheels sharply right when you
be in the center of the parking space
after completing a parallel parking maneuver, your car should
must yield to all approaching traffic
when leaving a parallel parking space, you
use your left foot on the brake pedal
you are starting a car with an automatic transmission on a steep, uphill grade. since you do not want to sue the parking brake, you
steer left, shift to neutral, and rolld back to the curb
when parking uphill on the right side when there is a crub
turning the wheels straight
to keep your car from rolling into the street when parking downhill on the right, set the parking brake after
an intersection
the chance of a collision is greatest at
a yield sign
you approach an uncontrolled intersection. you should treat it as though which sign is present
a controlled intersection
an intersection with a yield sign is
you are approaching an intersection that has traffic signals. the intersection is
the inside left lane nearest center line
on a four lane street, you must bein a left turn from
a protected left turn
an intersection with a left turn light, a green arrow, or a delayed green light has
left turn arrow is green
you intend to turn left at an intersection. others will yield right of way to you for a left turn only when your
treat the light as you would a stop sign
generally, you may turn right on red providing you
stop sign and yield sign
two kinds of signs are used to control intersections. they are
look around and through the windows of the parked cars
you plan to drive across an intersection. however, your view is blocked to the left by parked cars. usually you can
size of the gab between vehicles
you are preparing to enter traffic at an intersection. you must judge the
6 seconds
turning right and accelerating to 30mph takes about
large the gab must be
when turning right and joining traffic, the faster traffic is moving, the
more dangerous than a right turn
when joining traffic, a left turn is
when other drivers give it to you
you have the right of way only
letting others go first
yielding the right of way means
should yield the right of way
traffic signs and signals show who
at a stop sign
you must yield the right of way
round, yellow sign
the sign for a railroad crossing is a
white x shaped sign
a railroad crossing is indicated by
be prepared for it to stop
when following a bus across a railroad crossing, you should
alcohol is a
about 50 percent
what percentage of fatal collisions involves at least one driver under the influence of slcohol
21 percent were intoxicated
of drivers 16 through 20 years of age involved in fatal crashes, about
inner forces of personality that hold back impulsive behavior
drivers to perceive something is far away when it is actually close
impaired depth perception in drinking drivers causes
one 12 ounce can of beer
the amount of alcohol in 1-1/2 ounces of whiskey or 5 ounces of wine is approximately equal to that in
determine the person's blood-alcohol concentration (BAC)
the most accurate way to determine a person's level of intoxication is to
3/4 of a drink per hour
at what rate does the average person's system oxidize alcohol
wait the necessary time the body needs to eliminate the alcohol
the only sure way to reduce the body's BAC and the degree of impairment is to
not drink and drive
the surest way for a person to eliminate the risk of driving under the influence of alcohol is to
driving while intoxicated (DWI)
a person must have a BAC of at least .10 percent in most states to be charged with
implied consent law
what law requires a driver to automatically give consent to be tested for BAC if arrested on suspicion of DUI or DWI
license can be suspended
a driver is stopped on suspicion of DWI or DUI and refuses a BAC test. the driver's
their side effects can occur unexpectedly
over the counter drugs can be harmful to drivers because
drug that slows down the central nervous system
depressed and sleepy
barbiturates can make a person
a false sense of self confidence
one effect of using amphetamines is
become easily distracted
a driver under the influence of marijuana is likely to
if a person takes a medicine and then drinks an alcoholic beverage, the chances are that the effects of both the drug and drink will be
positive or negative
peer pressure can be
say no without the fear of hurting others
people confronted with negative peer pressure often find it difficult to
peer education
the process in which young people help other young people make decisions and determine goals is known as
grip the steering wheel firmly
when you have a blowout, what should you do first
hold the wheel firmly
while driving at 50mph, you have a blowout of the left rear tire. your first reaction should be to
braking hard
if a tire blows out, which action should you avoid
block the wheel that is diagonally opposite the flat tire
when you change a tire, which action should you take
pump the brake pedal fast and hard
going downhill, you brake and the pedal goes all the way to the floor. you should immediately
press harder on the brake pedal
if power brakes fail due to a loss of engine power, you should
apply the brake
which action should you take first if the accelerator sticks while you are driving
pull up the accelerator with your toe
if the accelerator sticks and no traffic is present, what might you try to do first
shift to neutral
while driving, your engine stops suddenly. what should you do first
communicate your emergency to others
when total steering failure occurs, you should first
you need to exert more effort to steer
if your engine dies, causing a loss of power steering, what is the result
look through the crack below the hood or out the left window to steer
the hood of your car flies open while you are driving. the best thing to do is
slow down
what should you do first when the headlights fail
quickly steer out of traffic to a safe open area
your car's engine compartment starts on fire while you are driving. what should you do first
get passengers out of the car and away from the tracks
your car stalls on railroad tracks and cannot be restarted immediately, what should you do next
brake and return suddenly to the roadway
when a front wheel drops off the roadway, you should avoid
steering control needed
the greater the drop-off when your front wheel leaves the roadway, the greater the
identify all possible escape paths
you face an emergency that gives you no choice but to swerve. you should
swerve around the tractor
you are traveling 50 mph on a two-way roadway. you see a tractor in your lane 150 ft ahead. there is no on-coming traffic. you should
keep control of your car
if a collision is about to occur
slow down as much as possible
when threatened with a head-on collision you should
brake or accelerate quickly
to avoid or lessen the effects of a side-impact collision, you should
unfasten your safety belt, roll down the window, climb out, and swim to the surface
to escape a car that has plunged into deep water, you should
brake gently
what should you do first if you enter a curve too fast
visual acuity
the ability to see things clearly near and far away is
about 180 degrees
most people have a field vision of
tunnel vision
a narrow field of peripheral vision (140 degrees or less) is called
compensate for poor depth perception
by using a following distance greater than 2 seconds and allowing for additional clear distance ahead before passing, a driver can
cannot see well when driving at night
night blindness means a driver
your pupils remain smaller after the bright lights pass
temporary glare blindness at night might occur when an oncoming car's headlights turn toward you and
is narrowed
as your car speed increases, your field of vision
what might cause you to take more time to identify hazards
rest before you start
the best way to prevent fatigue on long drives is to
interfere with your driving ability
many medicines have side effects that
all exhaust gases from all gasoline engines
carbon monoxide is present in
check the car's exhaust system regularly
to prevent exposure to carbon monoxide
provides medical proof that the illness is under control
a person with a chronic illness might be licensed to drive if the person
when a strong emotion affects you, your chances of making a mistake
the emotion that occurs more often to more drivers is
anticipating emotion-producing situations
coping with emotions while driving includes
the level of control you have
the amount of risk involved in driving is determined by
your impaired senses
you are at an even greater risk of being involved in a collision if you are not aware of
go uncontrolled
reduce taking high risk driving chances the greatest by not letting emotions
using an extra space cushion and taking fewer chances
compensate for the influence of medicines by
the steady drop in the value of a vehicle is called
financial responsibility law
a state law which requires you to prove that you can pay for damages you cause in a collision is a
comprehensive insurance
insurance that pays for damage to your vehicle that is caused by something other than a collision is called
adjust your speed to the flow of traffic
the acceleration lane is where you usually can
traffic controls
which highway characteristic provides advance information and warning about approaching driving situations
roadside hazards
narrow shoulders, bridges, ditches, guardrails, and trees are examples of
becomes shorter
as you near the top of a hill, your sight distance
an escape path
the space you can move your vehicle into to avoid a collision with another vehicle is called
100 feet
it is illegal to pass if you are closer to an intersection or railroad crossing than
covering the brake
holding your foot over the brake pedal is called
all traffic signs face the same direction
how can you identify a one-way street
low-beam headlights
just before dan and dusk, turn on your
more light reflected back in your eyes
if you use high-beam headlights in snow, rain, or fog, you will have
as the rain begins to fall
rain tends to make roadways the slickest, when?
when your tires ride on the surface of water, you are
spin when you accelerate
in a power skid, your tires
the rear of the car is skidding
when your car starts to skid sideways, steer in the direction that
an anti-lock braking system
a computer-controlled device which prevents a skid is called
the temperature light
when the engine is producing more heat than the cooling system can handle, this light will turn on
the parking brake could freeze
why should you not set the parking brake after driving through slush or icy conditions
head, tail, parking, brake, directional, hazard, back up, license plate, dimmer switch
what lights have to be inspected?
emergency and normal
what brakes have to be inspected?
insurance and registration
what two 'papers' must be shown during inspection?
10 points
if you lose your license for 15 days, you have received how many points?
30 days
if you receive 15 points, how many days will you lose your license for?
90 days
if you receive 20 points, how many days will you lose your license for?
implied consent law
what law states that you must take breath or blood test if asked to do so
72 hours, $1000 damage, injury
accident reports must be made within how many hours and with what two factors in mind?
65 max 40 min
rural highway speed limits
55 max 40 min
urban highway speed limits
50 or as posted
vermont state speed limit
under the age of 1 or under 20 pounds
how old or how heavy must a child be in order to be in a rear facing child safety seat
between 1 and 8 years old
how old must a child be to be restrained in a passenger restraining system
500 feet
how far must you stay behind a fire truck
150 feet
your lights should see an object at a minimum of
you should dim your lights ___ feet from another vehicle
the first thing to become impaired when drinking is
what percent of traffic deaths are caused by alcohol
what is the worst drug in the u.s.
easily distracted
a driver under the influence of marijuana is likely to become
wait enough time
the only sure way to reduce the body's bac and the degree of impairment is to
3/4 drink per hour
at what rate does the average person's system oxidize alcohol
alcohol is a
stimulant, depressant, and a hallucinogen
marijuana is a
barbiturate is a
amphetamine is a
nicotine is a
peyote is a
antihistamine is a
cocaine is a
tranquilizers are
caffeine is a
lsd is a
mescaline is a
heroin is a
chocolate is a
codeine is a
the inner forces of a personality that hold back impulsive behaviors
speed up activity in the nervous system
simulants do what
what is the bac level to lose your license when under 21
12, 5, 1-1.5
how many ounces of beer, wine, and alcohol is equal to one drink
no passing zone
a pennant sign is a
a stop sign is in the shape of an
railroad crossing sign is what shape
school crossing is represented by what shape
state route marker
a square sign is a
diamond and rectangle
what two sign shapes have multiple meanings
poisonous gas that you cannot detect
carbon monoxide is what
other people and their property
liability insurance covers what
driver error
major cause of collisions
minimum amount of insurance you can have in vermont
your car
collision insurance covers
what kind of insurance covers things that happen while your car is sitting still