Bones of the Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb

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flexibility most important; lightweight; insecure axaial and limb attachments


massive; secure axail and limb attachments; weight-bearing most importants

Uterus, bladdar, rectum, small intestine, and reproductive organs

What organs are protected by the pelvic girdle?

Male Pelvis

Female Pelvis

fallen arches

a weakening of the tendons and ligaments supporting the arches of the foot

illium, ischium, pubis

fuse to form the coxal bone


"sit-down" bone of the coxal bone

pubic symphysis

point where the coxal bones join anteriorly

iliac crest

superiormost margin of the coxal bone


deep socket in the coxal bone that receives the head of the thigh bone

sacroiliac joint

joint between axaial skeleton and pelvic girdle


longest, strongest bone in the body


thin lateral leg bone


heavy medial leg bone

femur, tibia, patella

bones forming knee joint

tibial tuberosity

point where the patellar ligament attaches





medial malleolus

medial ankle projection

lateral malleolus

lateral ankle projection


largest tarsal bone


ankle bones


bones forming the instep of the foot

gluteal tuberosity, greater and lesser trochanters

sites of muscle attachment on the proximal femur


tarsal bone that "sits" on the calcaneus


weight-bearing bone of the leg


tarsal bone that articulates with the tibia

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