Intro to Sociology, Ch. 12 & 14

One criticism of dependency theory is:
that it treats global wealth as a zero-sum so that one country benefits only at the expense of another.
The wealthiest 20 percent of the global population receives about what percentage of all global income?
74 percent
What concept refers to a global economy in which multinational corporations exploit people in low-income nations?
The people of the high-income countries, who represent 22 percent of the world's population, enjoy about how much of the world's income?
80 percent
A social theorist who contributed to the development of dependency theory by tracing the growth of the capitalist world economy is:
Immanuel Wallerstein.
In poor countries, the disadvantages women face relative to men are:
greater than in rich nations.
The poorest 20 percent of the global population receives only about what percentage of all global income?
2 percent
In middle-income nations, average personal income is in the range of:
$2,500 and $10,000.
According to Immanuel Wallerstein's theory of global capitalism, which nations are at the "core" of the world economy?
high-income nations
Wallerstein pointed to several factors that cause dependency among low-income nations. Which of the following is a factor that Wallerstein did NOT consider to be a cause of dependency?
lack of integration into the world economy
A national civil rights movement, which ended most instances of lawful discrimination, took place during:
the 1950s and 1960s.
Douglas Massey and Nancy Denton documented which of the following patterns in U.S. inner cities?
Institutional prejudice and discrimination refers to the fact that:
bias is built into the operation of social institutions.
Human beings are all:
members of a single biological species.
The Hispanic population of the United States is:
concentrated in the West and also in southern Florida.
The ancestors of which of the following first settled the lands of the Western Hemisphere?
Native Americans
Native Americans gained the right to U.S. citizenship in:
The claim that defining members of some minority as inferior will make them inferior is one application of:
the Thomas Theorem.
You would be expressing a "stereotype" if you:
stated an exaggerated description and applied it to everyone in some category.
Race refers to _____ considered important by a society; ethnicity refers to _____.
biological traits; cultural traits