Arterial blood gases ---ABG's

A blood test that determines carbon dioxide and oxygen saturation, pH, and other important parameters of respiration and oxygen perfusion.


Areas of over distention in lung tissue.

Closed chest drainage

A stystem of removing air or fluid from the thoracic cavity and restoring negative pressure so that the lungs can expand properly after thoracic surgery and penetrating trauma to the chest wall.

Diffusion --- oxygen

The molecular passage of oxygen across the alveoli and into the bloodstream.




A pus filled area of the lung.


The act of breathing out --- exhalation.


Bloody suptum or bleeding arising from the respiratory tract.


The presence of blood in the thoracic cavity or between thge pleural sac and lungs, usually caused by trauma.


Lower than normal oxygen perfusion.


The act of taking of breath --- inhalation

Perfusion - oxygen

The distribution of oxygen to tissues.


Air in the chest cavity, which prevents the lungs from expanding and may displace the mediastinal structures.

Pulmonary function tests - PFT

Tests performed to measure the function and strength of the pulmonary system.


The process of inflating and deflating the lungs during breathing.

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