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  1. Folkway
  2. Funcionalist Perspective
  3. Impression Management
  4. Agents of Socialization
  5. Achieved status
  1. a A social position that a person attains largely through his or her own efforts
  2. b Many of our daily activities, we try to convey distinct impressions of who we are
  3. c A norm governing everyday behavior whose violation raises comparatively little concern
  4. d Nature vs Nurture; Charles Horton Cooley-Looking-Glass Self.....socialization provides for the transmission of a culture from on generation to the next***which is very important to children
  5. e Emphasizes the way in which the parts of a society are structured to maintain its stability.

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  1. The situation that occurs when imcompatible expectations arise rom two or more social positions held by the same person
  2. A group in society that influences an individual's purchasing behavior
  3. affects the overall cultural practices of a society; it also shapes the image that we hold or oursleves
  4. 1) Define the problem-Independant/Dependant Variables 2)Review literature 3)Hypothesis 4) Collect and analze data- survey and questionaire/face to face interview 5) Conclusion
  5. He advanced the belief that we learn who we are by interacting with others

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  1. Sub-cultureA segment of society that share a distinctive pattern of mores, folkways, and values that differs from the pattern of the larger society.


  2. The iron law of oligarchyDurkheim's term for the interdependence that results from people needing others to fulfill their jobs; solidarity based on the interdependence brought about by the division of labour


  3. DiffusionA norm governing everyday behavior whose violation raises comparatively little concern


  4. Cultural relativismThe veiwing of people's behavior from the perspective of their own culture.


  5. Karl Marxfounder of modern communism; He was responsible for the prespective Conflict