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Anthropology Chapters 11 and 12

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-Rural and urban in Costa Rica and Occupy
Wall Street, the Arab Spring

Collective actions in response to injustices
• Occupy Wall Street: "We Are the 99%" highlighted inequality
• Costa Rican peasants' collective action
• Against globalization in the form of structural adjustment
• Non-state actors (people) challenge state sovereignty
• Civil Society Ordinations gaining a global reach
• Globalization from below

- engage in contentious politics, usually outside the mainstream political process, to address specific social issues, although they usually do not seek to overthrow the social order.

The study of ________ ____________ is INTERDISCIPLINARY, engaging not only anthropologists but also sociologists, political scientists, and historiaVallery Saputrans.

- focused on the responses of local communities to the forces of globalization. Factors such as the worldwide movement of capital and production through flexible accumulation, the increasing migration within and across national borders, and rapidly increasing yet uneven rates of development have spurred the emergence of social movements as local communities organize to protect their land, environment, human rights, and cultural identities in a changing economic and political context Simultaneously, time-space compression has facilitated increased communication and cooperation among individuals, social movements, and NGOs, thus creating opportunities for a "globalization from below"

-anthropologists examine power and politics and the cutting edges of political activism that will continue to draw their interest in the future. From this perspective, we can see that states are actually quite fluid, contested,
and even fragile