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[BCC152]Lifestyle Intermediate (Unit2)


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leg room ( There's so little leg room on most planes).
space for your legs in front of the seats in a car, theatre etc
queue (We stood in a queue for half an hour)
a line of people waiting to enter a building, buy something etc.y
baggage trolley ( When I have a lot of baggage, there aren't any trolleys around)
a small vehicle with two or four wheels that you push or pull to transport large or heavy objects on
overbook (The airline offers cash as compensation for passengers when flights are overbooked)
sell more tickets for a plane than there are places available
flight delay (Our flight was delayed by bad weather)
the situation in which you have to wait longer to board the plane than expected for something to happen
cancellation (Airline passengers are fed up with cancellations and delays)
a decision that an event that was planned will not happen
jet lag (I'm suffering from jet lag but I'll feel better after a good night's sleep)
the tired and confused feeling that you can get after flying a very long distance
excess luggage (We had to pay excess baggage)
bags or cases that weigh more than the legal limit that you can take on a plane
treat (Many companies still treat their management staff better than their workers)
to behave towards someone or something in a particular way
annoy (What annoyed him most was that he had received no apology)
to make someone feel slightly angry and unhappy about something
departure (Flights should be confirmed 48 hours before departure)
an act of leaving a place, especially at the start of a journey
return ticket (A return ticket to Birmingham, please)
a ticket for a trip from one place to another and back again
check in (I said goodbye and went to check in my suitcases)
to leave your bags at an official place so they can be put on a plane or a train
aisle (Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat?)
a long passage between rows of seats in a church, plane, theatre etc
flight attendant (He apologized to flight attendant for being rude)
someone who serves passengers on an aircraft
landing (Takeoffs and landings at 40 airports will be restricted, the agency says)
the action of bringing an aircraft down to the ground after being in the air
take off (The plane took off three hours late.)
when aircraft rises into the air from the ground
journey (My journey to China was the most exhilarating experience)
an occasion when you travel from one place to another, especially over a long distance
fare (The airline's decision to cut air fares is likely to unsettle the market)
the money that you pay for a journey in a vehicle such as a bus or train
overhead locker (Having boarded the plane, we put our possessions in the overhead locker)
a small space on the plane for hand luggage
pick up (I'll pick you up at the station)
to let someone get into your car, boat etc. and take them somewhere
drop off (I'll drop you off on my way home)
to take someone or something to a place by car and leave them there on your way to another place
cut short (He had to cut short his trip - there was a crisis at the office)
to stop something before it is finished
survey (The survey shows that employees are satisfied with insurance program)
a set of questions that you ask a large number of people in order to find out about their opinion
keep the change
used to say that you don't need the money that you get back when you have paid for something with more money than it costs
receipt (Can you give me a receipt?)
a piece of paper that you get in the shop that shows that you have paid for something
deal (The singer has signed a $20 million deal with an American TV network.)
an agreement especially in business or politics, that helps both sides
miss a flight (I missed the flight due to the traffic jam on the motorway.)
to come late for your flight after the plane took off
district (He lived in one of London's poorest districts.)
an area of a town or the countryside
neighbourhood (She grew up in a quiet neighborhood of Boston.)
an area of a town or city (smaller than district)
harbor (Our hotel room overlooked a pretty little fishing harbor)
an area of water next to the land where the water is calm, so that ships are safe when they are inside it
convert (Could we convert the small bedroom into a second bathroom?)
to change something into a different form
honeymoon (Where are you going on your honeymoon?)
a holiday taken by two people who have just got married
suite (The singer was interviewed in his hotel suite)
a set of rooms, especially expensive ones in a hotel
a tower with a powerful flashing light that guides ships away from danger
laundry (I've got to do my laundry)
clothes, sheets etc. that need to be washed or have just been washed
affordable (This is a top-quality product at a very affordable price)
cheap enough for most people to buy
facility (The building has parking facilities for twenty cars.)
a piece of equipment or a system which makes it possible to do something
bathrobe (The hotel provided quests with bathrobes)
a long piece of clothing that you wear especially before or after having a bath or shower
twin room (The twin bedrooms are airy, spacious and comfortably furnished)
a room that contains two single beds
mention (I mentioned the idea to Joan, and she seemed to like it)
to speak about something quickly, giving little detail or using few words
do a favour (Could you do me a favour - would you feed my cat this weekend?)
a kind action that you do for someone
charge (Your order will be sent free of charge)
the amount of money you have to pay for goods or services
occasional (We should have enough money left for the occasional trip)
happening sometimes but not often or regularly
elderly (Please give up your seat to an elderly or disabled person if they require it)
used as a polite way of saying that someone is old or becoming old
ride (He invited me to go for a ride in his new car)
a journey in a vehicle, when you are not driving
hesitate (Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more information)
to pause before you do or say something, often because you are uncertain or nervous about it
in the long run (It seems a lot of effort but I'm sure it's the best solution in the long run)
at a time that is far away in the future