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Caused a viral disease HIV 1 or 2.
Originally found nonhuman primates and documented in the US in 1969.
Over 36 million people have died since the beginning of the epidemic.
3 Phases of HIV Infection
Structure of HIV: 2 single strands of RNA, Enveloped with Spikes, Carries 3 enzymes (reverse transcriptase, integrase and protease).
AIDS occurs when T4 lymphocyte count drops to low level and secondary infectious diseases and cancer are the result.
Kaposi's Sarcoma are blood vessels tumor seen in AIDS patients as dark purple areas.
Transmission is through sexual contact, dirty needle, blood transfusion and from mother to baby.
Globally, heterosexual sex is the most common mode of transmission.
Prevention includes abstinence, sex with only one uninfected partner and proper use of condoms.
HIV tests test for the presence of antibodies and not the virus itself. Antibodies develop within 2-8 weeks of infection but it can take 3-6 months.
Treatments include drug therapy (HAART) and vaccines.
Diffculties in Vaccines development : HIV viruses locally and globally are genetically different.
No vaccine is 100% effect and only provides short-term protection.
Concerns that vaccine may increase the chances of getting the disease or even causing the disease.
There is no ideal animal model for testing besides humans.
Delta 32 mutation- few individuals are born with a mutation that affects the CD4 receptor of macrophages and lymphocytes. They have a receptor that HIV can't attach too. Therefore that can not contract any form of HIV disease.