25 terms

Global Regents #8

Widespread hunger caused by the near complete lack of food.
A system of government that promotes extreme nationalism, repression, anticommunism, and is ruled by a dictator.
A substance spread onto soil to increase its ability to support crops. Fertilizers include organic materials, such as manure, but can also be man made chemicals such as nitrates.
A social, political, and economic system that dominated all aspects of medieval European life.
An area of land given to a person to farm in exchange for certain obligations.
filial piety
A part Confucianism where respect is paid to the parents.
Five Relationships
Confucian philosophy about social order where everyone has a place and respect is paid to elders, parents, and the government. The relationships are, ruler to ruled, father to son, older brother to younger brother, husband to wife, friend to friend.
foreign policy
A nation's actions regarding how they treat other nations.
Four Modernizations
An economic and social program that called for limited privatization of agriculture and industry, encouraged foreign investment and foreign trade, and resulted in a boost for the Chinese economy.
A group or society formed by people who share common interests.
French Indochina
Area of southeast Asia controlled by France during Imperialism. Includes Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.
French Revolution
Political revolution in France starting in 1789 that brought about many changes in France. The revolution ultimately ended with a dictatorship under Napoleon Bonaparte before his defeat by the combined powers of Europe.
Affecting the underlying principles or structure of something.
Ganges River
Located in India, this river is considered sacred to Hindus and is used for spiritual cleansing, funeral rites, and other Hindu rituals.
general will
Name Enlightenment thinker Jean Jacques Rousseau uses to describe majority rule
genetic engineering
The process of altering life forms by manipulating their genetic structure.
Genghis Khan
One of the Mongol's greatest leaders and founder of the Mongol Empire
The killing of all the people from a ethnic group, religious group, or people from a specific nation
geocentric model
Theory of the universe that states the earth is the center, and that the sun revolves around it.
One of the west African Trading Kingdoms. They were rich in gold and established a vast trading network across the Sahara desert.
Term given to poor areas of town where Jews were sent during World War II
A policy of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev which called for more openness with the nations of West, and a relaxing of restraints on Soviet citizenry
Global North
Economic and political designation given to industrialized countries such those in North America and Western Europe, and also including Japan, and Australia. These nations have high standards of living and a high literacy rate
Global South
Economic and Political designation given to developing nations in Asia, Africa, and South America, many of which were former colonies during European Imperialism. These post colonial nations face low literacy rates, massive unemployment, little to no industrialization, and are generally economically dependent on their former colonial masters.
Glorious Revolution
Political revolution in Great Britain in 1688 that put William and Mary on the throne, while limiting the power of the monarchy and making Parliament supreme. This event marks the beginning of a constitutional monarchy in England.