Vocab 12

20 terms by kickswishsplash9

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(v) to be plentiful be filled syn- burst with, overflow with, team with ant- lack, want


(n) a boaster (adj) boastful in a loud annoying way syn- bigmouth, blowhard


(n) hiding place, something hidden or stored syn- stockpile hoard store


(n) act of making clear or understandable an explantion syn- elucidation explication


(adj) sad, without hope, discourage syn dejected depressed forlon ant-jubilant elated


(v) to steal property entrusted to one's care syn- swindle defraud


(adj) causing mental plain or grief syn-moving, sad, heartbreaking,poignant ant-amusing funny hilarious


(adj) unhurried, taking plenty of time (adv) in an easygoing or unhurried way syn-slow relaxed ant- hasty hurried rushed hectic


(adj) unnaturally sleepy; dull slow moving; in differnent syn- lazy sliggish listless ant- wide-awake alert energetic dynamic


(n) sickness,illness, disease, disorder syn- ailment, indisposition ant- health well-being


(adj) ripe well-matured soft sweent and rich gentle pleasant (v) to become gentle and sweet


(adj) wandering moving about from place to place syn-dulcet, creamy ant-unripe green harsh grating strident


(adj) one peice at a time (adv) gradually syn- bit by bit ant-all at once


(n) a search hunt (v) to search seek ask syn- pursuit venture


(v) to speak wildly an d noisily (n) loud violent talk syn- rave fume spout harangue ant- whisper mumble


(adj) by chance not planned or prearranged irregular syn-haphazard arbitary ant-planned deliberate systematic


(v) to make stronger with a new materials or support syn- strengthen bolster prop up support ant- weaken undermine sap impair


(n) isolation from others solitude syn-aloneness solitariness


(n) a persons condition or position in the eyes of the law relative rank or standing especialluy in society prestige syn- situation recognition


(n) state of great confusion or disorder mental strain or agitation syn-upheavel tumult choas ant- peace and quiet order

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