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The Toilet of Venus
Erotic theme
Decorating France's royal residences
The Progress of Love: The Meeting
Rococo focus on decoration and erotic themes
lovers dressed in fashionable "Spanish costume"
Self-Portraite in a Straw Hat
Vigee-Lebrunrise of the bourgeoisie
relaxed costume contrasts the stiff formal attired of the royal court
Pilgrimage Church of the Vierzhnheiligen Construction
Balthasar NeumannRiot of rococo shapes and colorsFanciful, sensuous, yet deeply pious in its exaltation of the Catholic faith
Thomas Jefferson
Formal balance
Aesthetics of ancient Greece and Rome
Oath of the Horatii
Jacques-Louis David
Didactic purpose, purity of form simple lines and formal composition) , and deep passion restrained by good taste
Revolt against the whimsical style of rococo
The Death of Marrat
Jacques-Louis DavidRevolutionary journalist
Jean-Paul Marat assassinated
Neoclassical simplicity and seriousness
Liberty Leading the People
DelacroixDramatic visual hymn to patriotic revolution
Red, white, and blue echoed throughout to unify the composition
The Death of Sardanapalus
DelacroixRomantic focus on the exotic and strong emotion
Theme taken from a play by Byron
The Wanderer Above the Mists
Caspar David Friedrich
The beauty and sublime power of nature
The Slave Ship
Joseph Mallord William Turner
Romantic phantasmagoria of natural & human Indictment of the British slave trade
Royal Pavilion Brighton, England
John NashRomantic exoticism and strong emotion
Fantasy architecture
Burial at Ornans
Gustave Courbet
Ordinary subjects and rejection of traditional beauty (muddy browns & unattractive people)
Social realism
Impression: Sunrise
Claude Monet
reflective light (theoretical optical realism)
Use of broken color
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Georges Seurat
Rhythm of shapes create a mood of unity and tranquility among city-dwellers
Post Impressionism
Mont Sainte-Vcotire from Le Lauves
Paul Cezanne
Brought solid form and weight back to painting after impressionismmultiple planes
Post Impressionism
Starry Night
Vincent van Gogh
Expressionist color and line
Awesome forces of nature
Post Impressionism
The Rococo Style
Wit and grace in the salons.
Nudes and naughtiness.
Germany's palaces and churches.
The Neoclassical Style
Neoclassical residences fit for a king.David's manifesto in painting.
The Enlightenment
Paris' philosophes.
The first encyclopedia.
Enlightenment and freedom.
"Dare to know."
The Bourgeois Response
Painting of a simple life.
The rise of the novel.
Sentimental drama.
Storm and Stress.
very highly ornamented; relating to an 18th century artistic style of elaborate ornamentation
the revival of a classical style or treatment in art, literature, architecture, or music.
Antoine Watteau
French artist during the rococo style; Embarkation for Cythera is one of his rococo masterpieces
fête galante
french term for "elegant party"; elegant, outdoor party
Which two artists are more closely associated with the rococo style in art?
J-H. Fragonard and Antoine Watteau
Which statement best describes the tone of sculptural works of Antonio Canova, as evidenced in his reclining figure of Pauline Bonaparte as Venus?
coolly neoclassical in their style
How did Ludwig van Beethover substantially alter the Classical symphony form of Haydn and Mozart?
using motif to expand and unify the symphony structure
Which of these romantic works inspired a set of illustrations by Delacroix, several Lieder by Schubert, and an opera by Charles Gounod?
Goethe's Faust
What aspect of the romantic sensibility is best expressed in Albert Bierstadt's painting Among the Sierra Nevada?
the valued anthropological details of Native American cultures destroyed by encroaching settlement
For what reason would Turner's The Slave Ship have been criticized by traditional art critics?
disregarded precise detail in favor of atmospheric color and light
Which phrase best describes program music, a frequent format of music in the romantic era?
explicitly tells a story or describes a place
a ramp used for actors stylized entrance and exits
The marriage of figaro by W.A. Mozart
In which of these would one expect to read the impassioned letters of a virtuous servant
richardsons pamela
Which work is a pictorial example of satire-- the effort to improve society by humorous criticism of its foibles?
William Hogarth
Which statement best describes the aim of the Enlightenment philosophies?
The practical application of reason to human problems
Which movement or style aimed to compile all human knowledge as a practical guide to the improvement of the human condition?
social contract-- powers of government denied from an agreement among people living in a state of nature. Enclyopedias .
term or phrase applied to Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin's painting
bourgeois influence
Which statement best describes the works of J.-H. Fragonard, creator of The Progress of Love?
embodied the frivolous mood of the rococo
What was the most notable achievement of Marie-Elisabeth Vigee-Leburn?
Paint flattering portraits of Europe's nobility
Best describes the achievement of Jonathan Smith
a satirizal commentator on human fully
Marie Anne de Cupis de Camargo was a central figure in the development of what art?
ballet dance
which movement or style aimed to free Germany for artificial limitations of French culture
Which movement or style employed shell-like decoration and themes of playful sexuality or seduction?
What term describes the idea, popularized by J.-J. Rousseau, that human society originated in an agreement among naturally free individuals to establish the rule of law and civil society?
The Social Contract
which work best embodies the principle of 1st century neoclassicism?
Davids Oath of Horatti
Most appropriate setting for a small rococo entertainment
The Hütel de soubise, paris
Most directly involved or employed in opera?
A libretoo
Which work best illustrates the fashion of sensibilite by its appeal to moralizing sentiment?
Greuze's the birds of the village
Which two artists are more closely associated with the rococo style in art?
J-H. Fragonard and Antoine Watteau
With what term or concept did Adam Smith describe the principle that individuals pursuing their individual self-interest would naturally create prosperity and happiness for all?
"invisible hands" or wealth of nations
Francois Boucher's The Toilet of Venus most clearly illustrates what idea or topic?
the luxurious self-indulgence of the Rococo style
Which work might have been most influenced by Palladio's book of classical designs, an important document in eighteenth-century neoclassicism?
Jefferson's Monticello
what would one expect to hear in the senate allegro
The development
Who created romanticized portraits that he called "fancy pictures" that appealed to the wealthy classes of eighteenth-century Britain?
Thomas Gainsborough
J.-J. Rousseau's novel titled Emile would today be most influential in what field of study?
the philosophy of education
what figure popularized the taste for the austere works of ancient greece
Johann J Winckelmann
What best states the hero's thoughts at the end of Voltaire's tale Candide?
"everything is best"
In Rousseau's Social Contract, what was the term for the collective desire of citizens as guided by public virtue?
general will
What would an eighteenth-century deist most likely have done?
doubled the revelations of the Christian Bible
In what European city would one have seen the first impressionist exhibition?
What characteristic of the impressionist style is best illustrated by Renoir's Le Moulin de la Galette?
gaiety of life communicated through light and color
the literary name of gustave flaubert and henrik ibsen are closely associated with what ism
How is the style of Art Nouveau best described
employed floral and vegetal motifs
What pair of painters responded to the impressionist style by seeking more intense expressiveness of color and design?
Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin
Which statement best describes Richard Wagner's cycle of four operas titled Ring of the Nibelung?
synthesized orchestral music, song, and staging in a "total" art work
What pair of painters sought to develop beyond the impressionist style in the direction of greater formal order and abstraction?
Paul Cezanne and Georges Seurat
Which characteristic best describes Georges Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte?
painstaking method of applying tiny dots of color
what statement best expresses the utilization philosophy of J.S. Mill?
all species including humans are engaged in the struggle to survive
in whose world would one expect to find a leitmotif
richard wagner
what made joseph paxtons crystal palace notable
iron and glass construction
Which is a post-impressionist work that used vivid colors to achieve greater emotional power and expressiveness than the impressionists did themselves?
Van Gogh's Starry Night
What pair of painters best defines the pure impressionist style of brilliant color and vibrant brushwork?
Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Who was an impressionist painter whose works are marked by careful observation of the human figure, often in awkward movements and positions?
Edgar Degas
How is Fyodor Dostoevsky's tale of the "Grand Inquisitor," from his novel The Brothers Karamazov, best described?
an anguished modern inquiry into the problem of evil
Why would traditional art critics in 1850 have criticized Gustave Courbet's Burial at Ornans?
depicted a commonplace scene from ordinary life
Which work develops and applies the concept of the Ubermensch-- a type of humans willing to reach "beyond good and evil" and create their own values?
Which artist helped inspire a movement called l'art pour l'art-- "art for art's sake"-- with morbidly erotic poetry?
Charles Baudelaire
In which work is the principle of "natural selection" a central; concept?
Darwin's Origin of Species
Why would the artistic public of the 1860s most likely have rejected Edouard Manet's Luncheon on the Grass?
the picture placed a bold nude woman in a contemporary setting
Which example best illustrates the Victorian spirit of progress and the use of new industrial materials?
Paxton's Crystal Palace
Which statement best describes the statue of the novelist Balzac sculpted by Auguste Rodin?
suggests the appetites and energy of its famous subject
What composer achieved innovations in orchestration and tonality that are ofter called "impressionism in music"?
Claude Debussy
What statement best expresses the utilitarian philosophy of J.S. Mill?
all should strive for the greater good of the greatest number
Which work best celebrated the romantic belief in political freedom and social unity?
Delacriox's Liberty Leading the People
In what kind of work would one most likely expect to encounter the technique of idee fixe?
a symphony by Hector Borlioz
What statement best describes Goya's Executions of the Third of May, 1808?
expresses a romantic protest against tyranny and oppression
Who was famed as a virtuoso pianist and composer of romantic nocturnes and preludes?
Frederic Chopin
Which work was most influenced by Lord Byron's vision of a rebellious and self-destructive hero?
Delacrioux's The Death of Sardanapalus
The romantic hero who strives excessively for greater love, power, and knowledge, is best exemplified by what figure?
Goethe's Faust

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