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  1. censure
  2. precocious
  3. inscrutable
  4. euphemism
  5. contiguous
  1. a (adj) exhibiting unusually early intellectual aptitude or maturity
  2. b (adj) difficult to fathom or understand; impenetrable
  3. c (adj) sharing an edge or boundary; touching
  4. d (noun) a mild, indirect, or vague term substituting for a harsh, blunt or offensive term
  5. e (verb) to issue official blame

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  1. (adj) shrewd; clear sighted
  2. (verb) to introduce or communicate stealthily
  3. (verb) to scold, rebuke, or harshly criticize
  4. (verb) to absorb or become absorbed; to make or become similar
  5. (adj) intricate; complex

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  1. rhetoric(adj) intended for or understood by only a small group


  2. astute(adj) difficult to understand


  3. adroit(adj) dexterous; deft


  4. acumen(noun) quickness, accuracy, and keenness of judgement or insight


  5. vituperative(adj) marked by harshly abusive condemnation