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  1. gaffe
  2. extrapolate
  3. censure
  4. didactic
  5. pragmatic
  1. a (verb) to infer or estimate by extending or projecting known information
  2. b (adj) instructive
  3. c (noun) a clumsy social error; a faux pas
  4. d (verb) to issue official blame
  5. e (adj) practical

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  1. (adj) sharing an edge or boundary; touching
  2. (noun) character peculiar to an individual or group
  3. (noun) deep, extensive learning
  4. (noun) the art of using language effectively and persuasively
  5. (adj) inclined to keep silent; reserved

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  1. derivative(noun) something that comes from another source


  2. conjecture(verb) to issue official blame


  3. potentate(verb) to introduce or communicate stealthily


  4. renounce(verb) to give up ( a title, for example), especially by formal announcement


  5. prospectus(noun) formal proposal