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  1. los antepasados
  2. la meta
  3. esforzarse por
  4. Trabajo duro... y por eso...
  5. tomar la iniciativa
  1. a I work hard... and for that reason...
  2. b ancestors
  3. c to make an effort to
  4. d goal
  5. e to take the initiative

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  1. tradition
  2. heritage
  3. to belong to
  4. sacrifice
  5. I didn't study, so...

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  1. Poco a poco se adaptaron a...I'm going to... with the intention of...


  2. seguir adelanteto express (yourself)


  3. Tengo la intención de...tradition


  4. el compromisosupport


  5. lograrto achieve, to manage (to do something)