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  1. triunfar
  2. Por fin, logré...
  3. Tuvimos que hacer un gran esfuerzo para...
  4. se debe a...
  5. expresarse
  1. a Finally, I managed to...
  2. b to triumph
  3. c to express (yourself)
  4. d We had to make a big effort to...
  5. e is due to...

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  1. When I'm older, I'd like to...
  2. ancestors
  3. to insist on, be determined to
  4. to (not) give up
  5. I have been able to overcome...

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  1. Trabajo duro... y por eso...I work hard... and for that reason...


  2. soñar conto fight for


  3. el desafíosupport


  4. discriminarto assimilate


  5. el objetivoobjective