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  1. criarse (en)
  2. Trabajo duro... y por eso...
  3. las raíces
  4. contribuir
  5. los antepasados
  1. a to contribute
  2. b I work hard... and for that reason...
  3. c ancestors
  4. d roots
  5. e to grow up (in)

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  1. to maintain
  2. to be successful
  3. to get used to...
  4. goal
  5. to fight for

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  1. Poco a poco se adaptaron a...Little by little they adapted to...


  2. realizar (un sueño)to become


  3. expresarseto insist on, be determined to


  4. soñar conto fight for


  5. Cuando sea mayor, me gustaría...When I'm older, I'd like to...