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  1. Nos costó trabajo
  2. el objetivo
  3. aprovechar
  4. (no) darse por vencido (a)
  5. las raíces
  1. a to (not) give up
  2. b objective
  3. c to take advantage of
  4. d It took a lot of work for us
  5. e roots

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  1. to fulfill (a dream)
  2. to be thankful for
  3. to be successful
  4. to get used to...
  5. to triumph

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  1. apoyarto achieve, to manage (to do something)


  2. Por fin, logré...My success in...


  3. esforzarse porto insist on, be determined to


  4. Tan pronto como... pienso...I work hard... and for that reason...


  5. Nos esforzamos make an effort to