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  1. los antepasados
  2. se debe a...
  3. Soy bilingüe; por lo tanto, tengo muchas oportunidades
  4. realizar (un sueño)
  5. estar agradecido(a) por
  1. a I'm bilingual; therefore, I have many opportunities
  2. b ancestors
  3. c to fulfill (a dream)
  4. d to be thankful for
  5. e is due to...

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  1. to dream of
  2. commitment, obligation
  3. goal
  4. to (not) give up
  5. It took a lot of work for us

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  1. Tuvimos que hacer un gran esfuerzo para...We had to make a big effort to...


  2. Hablamos del tema; por consiguiente...we discussed the issue; consequently...


  3. ser de due to...


  4. No estudié, así que...We made a big effort to...


  5. pertenecer ato get established


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