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  1. el orgullo
  2. estar agradecido(a) por
  3. Nos costó trabajo
  4. aprovechar
  5. Tuvimos que hacer un gran esfuerzo para...
  1. a to take advantage of
  2. b to be thankful for
  3. c pride
  4. d It took a lot of work for us
  5. e We had to make a big effort to...

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  1. to assimilate
  2. heritage
  3. to be successful
  4. to maintain
  5. to achieve, to manage (to do something)

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  1. Mi éxito en...origin


  2. Con el tiempo pude asimilar...With time I was able to assimilate...


  3. (no) darse por vencido (a)to make an effort to


  4. criarse (en)to fit in


  5. el aporteorigin