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  1. acostumbrarse
  2. expresarse
  3. empeñarse en
  4. alcanzar
  5. soñar con
  1. a to dream of
  2. b to insist on, be determined to
  3. c to reach
  4. d to get accustomed to
  5. e to express (yourself)

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  1. tradition
  2. I'm going to... with the intention of...
  3. to belong to
  4. to make an effort to
  5. to maintain

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  1. el grupo étnicocommitment, obligation


  2. el compromisocommitment, obligation


  3. lograrto contribute


  4. Mis... enfrentaron obstáculos cuando...My... faced obstacles when...


  5. Cuando sea mayor, me gustaría...Little by little they adapted to...