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  1. Hay algo que se me escapa
  2. tratar de...(infinitive)
  3. Está fuera de/a mi alcance
  4. los compañeros de trabajo
  5. en un santiamén
  1. a instantly
  2. b It's outside/within my reach
  3. c There's something I can't quite grasp
  4. d to try to
  5. e colleagues

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  1. requirements
  2. administrative/medical/laboratory assistant
  3. to plant
  4. It takes a lot of work for me (to do)...
  5. to decide to

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  1. inmediatamentetalent


  2. Soy capaz de (hacer)...I can't seem to understand...


  3. salarioto plant


  4. mejorarto make worse


  5. el jefe, la jefaboss


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