Miller and Levine Biology chapter 6

renewable resource
can be produced or replaced by a healthy ecosystem
nonrenewable resources
natural processes can't replenish then within a reasonable amount of time
sustainable development
using resources in such an enviornmentally conscious way
The process of overusing soil to the point of it turning into a desert.
destruction of forest
a harmful material that can enter the biosphere
a haze formed by pollutants in the air
acid rain
when nitrogen and sulfur compounds combine with water vapor in the air
the total of all genetically based varitation in all organisms in the biosphere
habitat fragmentation
when development splits ecosystems into pieces
ecological hot spot
a place where a specific numbers of a species and habitats are in immediate danger of extinction
ozone layer
A layer in the earth's atmosphere which traps heat
global warming
When the temperature of the whole earth increases

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