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Who is associated with philosophical immaterialism?PLATOCAM is an acronym forCOMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINEWhich major belief system underlies traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)?TAOIST PHILOSOPHY OF YIN AND YANGTraditional Chinese Medicine focuses onALL THE ABOVEThe current paradigm on wellness focuses on mindbody harmony, a shift from an earlier model that stressed which of the following?PHYSICAL FITNESSWhat is located at the center of the Wellness Wheel?YOU, THE INDIVIDUALThe INTERHEART study conducted in six continents with some 30,000 subjects indicated that a healthy lifestyle could prevent what percentage of heart disease?90 PERCENTThe five factors commonly found to affect wellbeing according to longitudinal population studies include all of the following exceptIncomeThe genome is to genetic information as which of the following is to lifestyle and environmental information?ExposomeAccording to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which chronic disease is the leading cause of death in our society?Heart DiseaseA study that compared caregivers to non-caregivers found differences in length among which of the following?TelomeresPhysical, social, mental, and emotional are dimensions of:The whole individualAll of the following are ten-year goals set by the United States Department of Health and Human Services for healthy people in 2020 exceptIncrease enrollment of all groups in the Affordable Care ActWhat percentage of today's most challenging chronic diseases is most likely due to lifestyle?80The body, mind, and spirit function asOne whole unitDeterminism is a belief thatPeople have no choiceIf met, three main psychological needs that result in greater health and wellness areAutonomy, competence, and relatednessA feeling that we have generated about ourselves, self-esteem meansthat we embrace our inherent value as a personIntrinsic motivation for healthy living ispowerful and lastingThe mindset most conducive to healthy living isgrowthChanging to living a healthy lifestyle isNoneWise goal setting includesSetting goals as high as possibleWhen trying to adopt new healthy behaviors, it is important toAll of the aboveBehaviorism and operant conditioning may work but result inResentment toward authorityThe behavior and the value of each individual can be kept distinct from eachother. This is best accomplished by havingself-acceptance self-esteemKelly has a gym membership but has stopped working out because her neighbor who used to drive them there has moved to another city. Kelly is experiencing what kind of barrier to behavior change?logisticalSocial stress regarding weight is most strongly felt by which groupwhite girls and womenAccording to a study of six-year-olds, what percentage of those in the normal range expressed negative attitudes toward their body size?90 percentAll of the following are true of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) exceptit is commonplace in today's societyJustin constantly compares himself to others. After failing to keep his New Year's Resolution of working out five times a week, he sees himself as a failure. Justin suffers from:contingency, or achievement, self-esteemKristen joined her best friend's recreational league because she finds soccer personally rewarding. Emma, her best friend, also enjoys the game but is deeply driven by the desire to win the league trophy. Emma's primary motivation isextrinsicAll of the following are stages of the Transtheoretical Model of Change exceptpost maintenanceConfidence that being in high-risk situations will not mean reverting to unhealthy behaviors to cope is the definition of which core construct in the Transtheoretical Model of Change?self-efficacyIf your self-acceptance depends on some condition such as losing ten pounds or getting an A in your English class, you are laying the groundwork for which behavior?introjection"No one is an island" is a saying that best reflects which of the following constructs?relatednessIn which stage of change are people more likely to be motivated by external incentives?preparationThose who believe that "behavior is identity" displayfixed mindsetThe support of others enhances ourall of the aboveThe SMART acronym identifies all of the following goals exceptadventurousAll of the following are important to successful behavior change exceptcontingency rewardsThe cardiorespiratory system is composed of theheart, lungs, and blood vesselsA pedometer reading of 10,000 to 14,000 steps a day is consideredactiveThe action of the branches of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is most similar to which of the following metaphors?balancing on a skateboardVO2 max is expressed how?milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body mass per minutesThe leading cause of death in the United States is: CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE Low-fit men and low-fit women are at what higher risk than high-fit men and high-fit women for all-cause mortality?3.2 higher risk for lowfit men; 5.3 higher risk for low-fit womenExercise may reduce the risk for all of the following cancers exceptthroatAn "E" added to the end of the F.I.T.T. acronym indicatesenjoymentThe overload principle means thatstress is required to improve the cardiorespiratory systemYou can estimate your current cardiorespiratory fitness levelby taking the walk/jog/run testLily is 20. Her maximum heart rate (maxHR) calculated using the simple formula is (208 - (0.7 x age) = maxHR )200Five days a week, Brian leaves the house at 8 a.m., walking at a good pace to work, a shift that starts at 8:30. On Saturday, he likes to run 5K. His focus is on remaining healthy rather than improving skill or performance. This routine and philosophy is consistent with which model?lifetime physical activity model (LPAM)All the following are true of interval training exceptit involves keeping your pulse as high as possible between intervalsCardiorespiratory fitness contributes tooverall well-being including neurogensisVO2 max is a good predictor ofcardiorespiratory fitnessWhat percentage of American adults suffer from a mental disorder?25%Age of onset for major depressive disorders is typically when?mid-twentiesThe Exercise Prescription Model (EPM) is a guideline forfrequency, intensity, time, and type of cardiorespiratory exerciseRegular physical activity may reduce the risk for all of the following except:schizophreniaWhich is the most likely resting heart rate (RHR) for the average person, not an elite athlete?65A healthy approach to improving cardiorespiratory wellness includesawareness of the effects of hot humid conditionsAll of the following are true of the cool-down after exercise exceptit facilitates the venous movement of blood from the heartAll of the following are true about exercise exceptno pain, no gainCardiorespiratory fitness is especially effectiveall of theseShelley worked up a sweat from ice skating in the park for forty minutes. What should she drink to replenish her fluid loss?chilled waterGood posture isproper alignment of the musculoskeletal systemProprioception issensory information that comes from within the bodyMicrotrauma refers tosmall stresses in the body over a long period of timeNeurogenesis, the development of new neuronsis linked to regular physical activity and exerciseCombined with a healthy diet, the best known way to offset osteoporosis is toengage in weight bearing activitiesYoga is viewed as especially beneficial forcomplete functional fitnessWhich one of the following likely best exemplifies functional fitness?the pilates instructorAll of the following items are benefits of appropriate cardiorespiratory activities except?increased resting heart rateDynamic flexibility helps to maintainbetter postureTight muscles increase the risk ofmusculoskeletal injuryAll of the following are considered benefits of functional fitness except:improving your intelligence quotientNSAIDs are:associated with increases in stomach and kidney problemsCardiorespiratory fitness improves fitness in all of the following ways except:promotes healthier dietYou can assess your level of functional fitness by:performing tests of posture, flexibility, and balanceDuring physical activity, one's breathing is likely to be:as much as 40 to 60 breaths per minuteSophie is the poster student for the text's functional fitness message. One of her activities in the past 24 hours is inconsistent, though, with the principles of functional fitness. Which of the following is inconsistent?had an energy drink to boost her later afternoon activitiesOf the various inadequacies in performing the functional fitness assessments, which should be addressed and remedied first?imbalances of asymmetries between left and right sidesThe percentage of Americans who, at some point, experience low-back pain is:85 percentThe prudent lifestyle espouses:focusing on mindbody wellnessFunctional fitness can help you avoid:all of theseFunctional fitness is proper muscular strength and endurance designed to:perform daily activitiesCardiorespiratory fitness requires:physical activity that elevates the heart rateFunctional fitness helps correct dysfunction by:creating a solid foundationFunctional fitness improves real-life movements by:teaching muscles to work togetherGood posture contributes to:all of theseBody tissue that can generate force is called:muscleThree types of muscle tissue in the body include:cardiac, skeletal, smoothMuscular endurance is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to:contract repeatedly over timeMuscle strength and endurance are capable ofAll of the above: reducing back pain preventing osteoporosis improving balanceMuscular fitness can help hypertensive individualslower both systolic and diastolic blood pressureA healthy level of muscular strength and endurance can:All of the above: reduce stress enhance cognitive function increase self-respectMuscles burn calories and help maintain normal body weight:during and after exerciseTestosterone has the greatest natural impact on:hypertrophyFunctional fitness uses free weights so that while you are moving:you can strive to balance yourselfTraining that can help reduce back pain involves strengthening the:abdominals, glutei, and hamstringsWith respect to osteoporosis, a loss of bone mineral density, strength training:can help prevent or even revers the conditionThe resting metabolic rate (RMR) is:number of calories one needs to maintain the body in a resting state during a 24 hr periodAfter a bout of strength training, the body recovers from the effort by:burning additional caloriesThe fundamental principles included in any health-related fitness program are the principles of progression, overload, reversibility, and:specificity and trainingA strength training session can affect RMR by:increasing it as much as 20 percentThe amount of exercise needed to maintain muscular fitness gains is _________ the amount it takes to achieve it.less thanFITT designates:frequency, intensity, time, typeCool down after a bout of strength training by:light stretching for 10 minutes or moreCompared to men, progressive resistance training by women:can result in a greater percentage increase in arm and leg strengthA performance supplement found to have little or no side effects isnone of theseAll of the following scenarios conform to recommended workout guidelines except:one day a week, Austin works out alone at home, using a reverse pyramid scheme involving 3 sets of 12 reps at 70% 1rm, 8 reps at 80% and 4reps, if he can, at 90%If you feel the pain of a strained muscle or stretched ligament, it is advisable to:rest that muscle or ligamentAgonist denotes:the muscle or muscle group that contracts to overcome resistance and move the bodyThe minimum amount of resistance or overload needed to ensure progression is what percentage of the maximum force that a muscle or muscle group can exert during one repetition?60%A basic guideline for breathing properly while lifting includes:inhaling during the eccentric phase and exhaling your breath during the concentric phaseThe two types of flexibility are:static and dynamicThe capacity to move a joint through its full range of motion is called:flexibilityHealth benefits of being flexible include:improved posture and reduced risk of injuryThe principle of progression applied to flexibility means that one should:ease into flexibility exercises and do some every dayThe relationship between flexibility and muscle strength dictates that:flexibility is most effective when muscles are strongMillions of adults suffer from low back pain. Specific flexibility exercises may:alleviate most if not all back painBallistic stretching is not generally recommended because:there is too great a chance for injuryThe stretch reflex is initiated by:the muscle spindleThe Golgi tendon causes a reverse myotatic reflex that makes the muscle:relaxProprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation technique requires:a partnerThe tissues connecting muscle to bone are:tendonsLordosis (sway-back) can cause chronic low back pain. While congenital in some people, it can also develop in otherwise healthy people for the all of the following reasons except:tight chest musclesAll the following precautions are important in flexibility training except:use a split routine, stretching different area on alternative daysThe hamstring stretch is a type of:static stretchingBallistic stretching:causes the muscle to contractIn the shoulder reach, the distance between the two hands on the ruler assesses your flexibility. A good score is considered to be:3 to 5 inches of each otherIn the sit-and-reach exercise, one stretches the:hamstringsTips for maintaining a healthy back include all of the following except:sleep on your back to reduce abdominal curving on the spineWhich of the following benefits derived from a stretching regimen within the context of yoga is least supported by research as an outcome?reduced risk of injury in physical activityApplying the FITT formula to flexibility involves which one of the recommendations listed here?do 2 to 4 reps of stretches held for 15 to 30 secondsEach of five different participants in a noon-time basketball group follow different routines surrounding their main activity of playing full court basketball, which they do on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Who most closely follows the FITT principles provided in the text?Kelly shoots around for 10 minutes or so and then stretches major muscle groups, particularly those utilized in basketball, before the game beginsIn stretching exercises, those that work from a supine position involve:lying flat on your back face upShoulder mobility exercises include all of the following except:upper spinal floor twistIn the groin stretch, you sit on the floor and put the soles of the feet together. Grabbing the ends of your feet with both hands and pulling your heels towards the groin as close as you can. Flexibility is considered good if the distance between heels and groin is:4 inches or lessThe main factor leading to reverses in flexibility is:inactivityNutrients are substances that contribute to growth and are necessary to:maintain lifeProteins, fats, carbohydrates and water are classified as macronutrients because:they are needed by the body in large amountsA nutrient that is not able to be produced in the body is called:essentialAnimal proteins are considered high-quality proteins because:they provide essential amino acidsOne gram of protein and one gram of carbohydrates produce 4 calories of energy each. One gram of fat produces:9 calories of energyHydrogenation converts unsaturated fats to a semisolid or solid form called:trans fatsThe Glycemic index and Glycemic load affect:insulin levels in the bloodStressors release hormones that slow down digestion resulting in:food stagnating and sending toxins into the bloodstreamIn 2011 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) replaced the Food Guide Pyramid, government guidelines for healthy eating, with:my plateThe nutrient most needed for survival is:waterJen weighs 140 pounds. Using the formula provided in the text, how many grams of protein should she consume daily? ( 8 grams of protein per 20 pounds of ideal body weight)56Excessive protein consumption over time may:draw calcium from the bones and weaken themThe two oils lowest in saturated fats are:sunflower and canolaU.S. government guidelines and those of other nutrition experts recommend that the percentage of calories in your diet coming from carbohydrates should:be as high as 65%Carbohydrates provide all of the nutrients listed below except:proteinFat soluble vitamins:are stored in the bodyWhich of the following statements regarding dietary fiber is false?:the primary value of fiber is in preventing consitpationThe body needs 110 milligrams or more of the major minerals each day. Which of the following five lists contains only major minerals as opposed to trace minerals?calcium, sodium phosphorus, and magnesiumFree radicals, short-lived chemicals that can have detrimental effects on cells, can be combated by:antioxidantsThe basic graphic in the USDA's MyPlate program recommends the higher percentage of food consumption be:grains and vegetablesThe Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine differs from the USDA MyPlate recommendation essentially by substituting legumes for:proteinAll of the following are included in the Harvard School of Public Health's "seven healthiest changes you can make in your diet" except:abstain from alcoholThe major source of energy for playing in a competitive soccer match comes from:the aerobic energy systemMicaela alternates eating three different cereals during the week. What does she need to do to accurately compare her fiber intake when eating each one of these three different cereals, which have serving sizes respectively of 3/4ths cup, ½ cup, and 29 biscuits (mini-shredded wheats)?measure and then divide the size of her personal serving of cereal by the serving size on the nutrition facts label and then multiply by the dietary fiber amountRegarding fats, the consensus across nutrition recommendations is to:limit saturated and trans fats, but include mono and polysaturated fatsFor people of the same height, when body frame size is factored in to determine one's optimal normal weight, the range in weight could be as much as:60 poundsOverweight and obesity levels for school age American children are reaching epidemic proportions. The approximate number of children overweight or obese has reached:1 in 3The main reason so many people are overweight is:lack of sleepThe Body Mass Index, BMI, is a measure of body composition determined by:height and weightAbdominal weight increases the risk for Type 2 diabetes more than fat in other areas of the body up to:10x greaterThe fat-storing fold of the peritoneum, the lining of the abdominal cavity is called the:omentumGhrelin and Leptin are two hormones that control:appetiteOne of the best ways to regulate ghrelin and leptin is:exerciseAnorexia nervosa is a mental illness in which a person:starves herself/ himselfThe female body shape is the standard:endomorphThe key to having a healthy weight is to:be at peace with your bodyBased on the BMI, obesity is defined as:any score over 30The NIH defines obesity as a chronic disease, one that is related to numerous potentially fatal health problems, including:all of the above: diabetes, coronary disease, colorectal cancerWaist size is as predictive of disease risk due to weight as other more complex measures. One simple measure for acceptable waist size is:for your waist to be half your height in inchesWhich of the following two hormones have emerged as key players in affecting appetite?cherlin tells the brain you're hungry; leptin signals you to feel fullEven walking is a good way to burn calories. How many steps a day should your pedometer register?10,000Daily energy requirement is:resting metabolic rate x your physical activity factorSerena, who intensely fears becoming fat despite having a body weight more than 15 percent below normal, may suffer from:anorexia nervosaOne who consumes huge amounts of food at one time and then purges it through vomiting or by using laxatives may suffer from:bulimia nervosaAll of the following are suggestions to deal with a food obsession except:have liposuctionJesse's resting metabolic rate is 1600 calories per day, and he engages in daily moderate physical activity, which has an activity factor of 1.6. With this scenario:Jess can maintain his current weight when consuming 2560 calories per dayWrist size serves as an easy measure in determining one's frame size. A wrist size of 7 inches designates a:medium frame for men but large frame for womenOne of the biggest problems when eating out whether at fast food places or restaurants is:increasing size of food portions constituting a servingEating disorders are reported to be more prevalent among:young people and women