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ONE 2 Practical 1 Shoulder flashcards

Tests for anterior shoulder dislocation
Apprehension test, Feagin Test, Sulcus sign
posterior dislocation
Posterior apprehension
Bankhart lesion
clunk test
SLAP lesion
Obrien test
AC joint dislocation
Sheer (Squeeze shoulder with both hands), spring test (hear for clicking inside joint)
repetitive issue/contractile tissue test
Drop Arm/Empty Can Test
supraspinatus tendonitis tests and s/s
toothache like pain, empty can and arm drop test
biceps tendonitis
Speed's: Examiner resists patient's forward flexion, Yergason's: patient's elbow flexed 90 degrees and stabilized against thorax with arm pronated. Examiner resists supination and lateral rotation of the arm (hitchhiker sign)
toothache like pain that worsens the higher the arm goes.
IMpingement syndrome. Hawkins Kennedy: forward flex arm 90 degrees and forcibly medially rotate the arm in multiple positions. Neer's: passibly and forcibly elevate and medially rotate arm in scapular plane. Positive sign: pain