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the mental activities involved in acquiring, storing, retrieving and using knowledge are collectively known as ___________.

mental images

mental representations of previously stored sensory experiences are called __________.

preperation, identify given facts, seperate relevant from irrelevant facts

the 3 stages of problem solving are ______, _________ and _________.


a logical step-by-step procedure that if followed will always produce the solution


__________ is the ability to produce valuable outcomes in a novel way


__________ is the set of rules that specify how phonemes, morphemes, words and phrases should be combined to express meaningful thoughts

phenomes, morphemes, grammar

__________, ___________, and _________ are the 3 building blocks of language

language acquisition device

according to Chomsky the innate mechanism that enables a child to analyxe language is known as ______.


the definition of __________ is the ability to think rationally, act purposefully, and deal effectively with the environment

Wechsler Adult intelligence scale

the most widely used intelligence test; it is individually administered, contains 11 subtests, and yields separate verbal and performance intelligence scores, as well as an overall intelligence score


the development of standard procedures for administering and scoring a test is called _______.


people with mental retardation who demonstrate exceptional ability in specific areas are called _______.


the speed of response is _________ correlated with IQ scores

white male athletes

stereotype threat affects the IQ scores of what group.

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