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13 terms

chp 9 self test

developmental psychology
the study of age related changes in behavior and mental processes from conception to death is called _______.
the development governed by automatic genetically predetermined signals.
cross sectional research
the study of different participants of various ages are compared at one point in time to determine age-related differences
longitudinal research
the study of the same participants who are studied at various ages to determine age-related changes
germinal period
the first stage of prenatal development which begins with conception and ends with implantation in the uterus is known as ___________.
at birth an infants head is __________ its body size
an adults head is _______ its body size
________ was one of the first scientists to demonstrate that a childs intellect is fundamentally different from an adults
assimilation, accommodation
__________ occurs when existing schemas are used to interpret new information, whereas _________ involves changes and adaptations of the schemas
sensorimotor,preoperational,concrete operation, formal
the four stages of piagets cognitive development are
object permanence
when you show a baby a toy and it notices it but when you hide the toy the baby thinks it no longer exsists is an example of ___________
formal operational
the ability to think abstractly or hypothetically occurs in Piaget's _______stage
the imaginary audience
extreme forms of self consciousness and concerns for physical appearance ar common in adolescents who exhibit the early formal operational characteristic called _________