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POST-TEST (Green Book)

All of the following are factors affecting the choice of sutures purchased or used EXCEPT
PATIENT'S GENDER; cost of suture, surgeon's choice, presence of infection
A Jennings mouth gag is used in which surgical procedure?
Tissue formation in the proliferative stage of wound healing by first intention is the
second phase
Which fact about nasal surgery is NOT true?
preserve unused cocaine
For a surgical technologist, professional conduct, including incorrect or negligent treatment, that results in harm to another is known as
In accordance with OSH regulations, protective eyewear must be worn
on all cases
The procedure performed to remove the ovary is
The instrument used to dissect nasal membranes surround the septum is a
Cottle elevator
When cutting sutures, only use the tips of a _____ scissor
straight Mayo
During neurosurgery, once the dura has been exposed the appropriate sponge to hand to the surgeon is a
If the suction tubing extends over the sterile back table, the STSR should
consider it contaminated and have the RN remove
What is NOT required for a laryngoscopy?
Balfour retractor
When setting up a laparoscopic procedure you will require the following equipment
trocars and scopes
The prefix contra- means
A tonsillectomy is the removal of which tonsils?
palatine or faucial
During spine surgery, the following elevator is used
The artery located in the back of the knee is the
popliteal artery
1ml is the same as
The following medication is an antibiotic
While performing a coronary artery bypass graft, which vessel would not be suitable to harvest?
cephalic vein
Prior to surgical intervention the patient will be positioned in accordance to the surgeon's preference after the
anesthesiologist has granted permission
The name for the position when a patient is placed on his or her stomach is
The informed consent should contain the
patient's legal signature
The suffix -trophy means
Within minutes of an injury, this phase of wound healing begins
For the anesthesiologist to administer a Bier block he/she needs a
pain control pump
The word stasis means
When performing a carotid endarterectomy a bypass graft patch is applied from the
common carotid artery to the internal carotid artery
Prior to a total abdominal hysterectomy, which type of catheter might be inserted?
In a premenopausal patient who wishes to have more childres, removal of fibroids would be accomplished by performing a
While scrubbing if you think you contaminated your elbow, you should
stop scrubbing and start over again
When opening sterile supplies, you must
ALL OF THE ABOVE; open envelope packages in sequence, maintain a 12inch distance away from the sterile field, check all packages for integrity
During cardiac arrest the CST must
maintain sterility and protect the field
Honesty, moral integrity, and responsibility to ensure consistent steril technique and quality of patient care is referred to as
surgical conscience
The goal(s) for the CST during the surgical procedure is (are) to
ALL OF THE ABOVE; have instruments ready to hand to the surgeon, maintain sterility, anticipate the surgeon's needs
Who is responsible for the instrument, sponge, and sharps counts?
circulator and CST
_____ have a responsibility to ensure that no item was left in the wound
all surgical team members
The biliary tract communicates between the
liver and duodenum
Which dressing layer is considered teh absorbent layer?
Elastic bandages, Montgomery straps, and surgical tape are examples of
outer layers
Liquid collodion and aerosol adhesive sprays are examples of
one-layer dressings
Any personnel who enter a room with a laser in use must
wear appropriate eye protection
Stapling devices employed during endoscopic surgery are used for
resecting and reapproximating tissue
Under general anesthesia the patient's last sense to be altered is
The ligament that is used as an anatomical landmark to identify the end of the duodenum is
ligament of Treitz
What device can be used in place of sutures when small vessels need to be occluded?
ligating clip
Preoperative anesthesia assessment is performed to ensure of all of the following EXCEPT
intubate the patient
The mesentery that encircles the small intestine connects it to the
posterior abdominal wall
While performing a carpal tunnel release the retractor of choice would be a
Which type of surgical dressing eliminates dead space and prevents edema?
Neurosurgical sponges are also known as
Who is responsible for monitoring all vital signs during surgery?
the anesthesiologist
In peripheral vascular surgery, implantation of a composite graft using synthetic and autogenous vein may result in
both a and c
All of the following facts regarding informed consent are true EXCEPT
it can be signed after preoperative medications are administered
The following cardiac condition does not necessitate surgical intervention
pectus excavatum
The four main factors that affect bone growth are
hormones, heredity, nutrition, exercise
Which is the equivalent value of 1/4?
1gram is equal to _____milligrams
Which member of the surgical team must document the medications that are used at the surgical field?
A disease chracterized by increased intraocular pressure is known as
The generic name for Osmitrol is
If a patient's heart rate drops below 40-50 beats per minute, which medication could be administered to correct the problem?
Steroid hormones that promote male characteristics are
The typ of suture that is utilized to retract a structure is termed
Which of the following causes a chemical burn to stop capillary bleeding?
silver nitrate
Upon receipt of a medication from the circulating nurse, the CST should
label immediately
The effect of osmotic diuretics in the treament of glaucoma is to
draw fluid out of the eyes
What is a normal range of hematocrit values for an adult woman?
When the anesthesiologist administers medication into the subarachnoid space, this method of anesthesia is termed
spinal anesthesia
The most frequently used preoperative sedatives are in which group?
The goal of performing a carpal tunnel release is decompression on which nerve?
Where does the recovery phase of general anesthesia begin?
Where is the patient taken to recover once surgery is completed?
Who is responsible for putting unused supplies away after surgery?
CST and circulator
Who is responsible for ensuring that all instrumenttion and equipment are cleaned properly prior to being processed for sterilization?
Morphine is an
opioid analgesic
When a CST assists the circulating RN, which of the following tasks are NOT prohibited?
positioning the patient
A scale that predicts recovery and disability in all types of trauma and brain injury is
Glasgow Coma Scale
The robotic arm, or remotely controlled hand, is called a
The CST can anticipate suture needs by all of the following EXCEPT
consulting the anesthesiologist
Which suture material gradually becomes encapsulated by fibrous tissue?
This medication will treat malignant hyperthermia
When a patient is in the lithotomy position, the team must ensure that no pressure is applied to the _____ nerve
lateral plantar
This medication is administered to produce skeletal muscle relaxation
Vascular access procedures to cannulate arteries and veins are performed for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
to drain an abscess
Papaverine is routinely administered during peripheral vascular surgical procedures because it
is a peripheral vasodilator
HIPAA outlines federal standards for the protection of
the patient's privacy
Repair of a splenic laceration or a partial splenectomy can utilize all of the following EXCEPT
opening the splenic capsule
Which of the following Gramnegative bacteria is a common cause of urinary tract infections?
Escherichia coli
Which of the following Gram-positive rods is aerobic?
Which of the following is used as a primary stain in Gram staining?
crystal violet
Which of the following is Gram stain resistant?
An example of a selective medium is
eosin methylene blue and McConkey's
During orthopedic surgical intervention, bone wax is used to
seal off oozing blood
In which phase of general anesthesia does loss of conssciousness first occur?
induction phase
The cement-like substance often referred to as bone cement is
What is the name of the procedure that creates a tracheal stoma that is usually permanent?
Axample of a contrast medium is
Which of the following viruses causes AIDS?
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
Which supply item is commonly used in both appendectomy and thyroid procedures?
Penrose drain
Endometrium lines the
The machine that infuses the CO2 gas into the abdominal cavity for laparoscopic proedures is called an
Drapes that have openings for exposure of the area to be incised are called
During which phase of general anesthesia does administration of reversal agents of anesthetics and neuromuscular blocks begin?
emergence phase
Which of the following medications is a diuretic?
ALL OF THE ABOVE; furosemide, Lasix, mannitol
Methods used to prevent contamination of a sterile field by the surgical team are known as
sterile technique
Mishandling of a specimen at the surgical field could be considered negligence resulting in
ALL OF THE ABOVE; an additional surgical procedure, inaccurate diagnosis, incorrect specimen analysis
To reduce sharps injuries, all of the following are correct sharps saftey techniques EXCEPT
recap all hypodermic needles
Common functions of the CST in the delivery room include all of the following EXCEPT
perform the episiotomy
The study of the nature and cause of disease, which involves changes in structure and function, is knows as
While repairing a retinal detachment one of the goals is to produce an _____ adjacent to the defect
inflammatory reaction
The term used to describe the event in which the largest diameter of the fetal head is encircled by the vulvar ring is
For many surgical procedures a Foley catheter will be inserted to
drain the bladder
Samples of cervical and intrauterine instruments include all of the following EXCEPT
To protect hands exposed to x-ray beams, what may be worn for protection?
lead gloves
Samples of vaginal retractors include all of the following EXCEPT
The suffix -lysis means
The study of drugs and their actions on living organisms is termed
The OR table requires which type of accessories for OB/GYN surgical procedures?
Allen stirrups
A DeLee suction catheter is used in which of the following procedures?
vaginal delivery
One of the cells of the peripheral nervous system that forms the myelin sheath is known as a
Schwann cell
The correct number of pairs of cervical nerves is
The contractile opening at the center of the eye is the
What organ is freed from the uterus and retracted inferiorly prior to the uterine incision for a Cesarean Section procedure?
A bladder hernia that protudes into the vaginal wall is called a
The prefix pseudo- means
The optimal source for obtaining autogenous bone for use in bone grafting is the
iliac crest
The type of laryngoscope used for removing a foreign body on a pediatric patient is a
rigid laryngoscope
The hormone that stimulates development of the female sex characteristics is
The three basic categories of incisions used in gynecologic surgery are vertical, oblique and
If the monitor fails during a laparoscopic procedure, the first course of action should be to
check if the plug is in the wall socket
A system of moral principles or standards to govern personal conduct is called
Which of the following is not a sterile procedure?
When describing the flow of electrical impulses we use the term
In a TAH-BSO procedure, all of the following self-retaining retractors are commonly used EXCEPT
During a cholecystectomy these two structures are typically divided and ligated
cystic artery and cystic duct
The basic unit of current is measured in
The single largest mass of lymphatic tissue in the body is the
Which of the following suture materials is the most inert in tissue?
stainless steel
The white blood cells that play a major role in allergic reactions are called
A transfusion reaction in which antibodies attach the antigens on red blood cells of a different type, causing cells to clump together, is known as
The SA node, which initiates each cardiac cycle, is known as the
The study of metabolism and action of drugs in the body is called
The most commonly used autograft for a tympanoplasty is the
temporalis fascia
A surgical wound starts healing
within minutes after the surgical incision
The surgical specialty that utilizes balanced salt solution (BSS) as a lubricant is
The procedure performed to assist in the drainage of tears and secreitons from the lacrimal sac into the nose is called
Thrombolytics administered intravenously can cause
Basic aseptic techniques incorporate all of the following EXCEPT
always keep your back to the Mayo
The breakdown of food by both mechanical and chemical mechanisms is known as
When fallopian tubal patency is confirmed, this means that
the duct can convey the ovum
The exchange of gases between the blood and the body cells is known as
internal respiration
One of the latest biomedical advances in surgery is
The bipolar cautery is used for
coagulating only
When prepping the patient for a laparotomy, what part of the body is prepped last?
genital area
The suffix -rrhea means
A surgeon would wish to administer heparin to
prevent clots
The long needle with a sharp, beveled stylet within the metal cannula employed to introduce anesthetic agents into the epidural or subdural space is called a
spinal needle
The _____ is the bony labyrinth in the ear
A _____ hernia is an irreducible hernia in which the contents are necrotic
Which of the following statements concerning sterile technique is not true?
Although saline cannot be recapped you can recap sterile water
Prior to applying a cast, the following dressing is used
A hand-held retractor referred to as a sweetheart is a
The procedure for obtaining material from the posterior vaginal cul-de-sac by incision through the vaginal wall is called
The kneecap is also known as the
Which type of suture technique would be used on the appendix?
Which procedure is commonly performed with a pyloroplasty?
Which instrument is most likely to be used to clamp the mesenteric artery?
A frontal section of the kidney would show an outer area called the cortex and an inner area called the
Paralysis of one side of the body is
When performing a peripheral vascular procedure, these instruments need to be
Debakey, potts, bulldogs, vessel loops
A condition in which the foreskin of the penis fits too tightly over the head and cannot be retracted is known as
The doughnut-shaped gland that surrounds the superior portion of the male urethra just below the bladder is the
prostate gland
The cranial nerve that is responsible for vision is
The stomach has two sphincters, cardiac and