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Chapter 1 Windows 7

Windows 7 is Microsoft's first operating system?(True/False)
Oct, 25 2001
Microsoft introduced Windows XP in what date? format(Sept,28 1991)
Remote Assistance
First introduced in Windows XP, allows an administrator to accept an invitation from a user and then connect to that user's machine to help the user technically from a remote location.
The latest Service Pack for Windows XP is Service Pack?(only the number)
Windows Aero
Windows Vista introduced a new improved desktop called?
Windows Sidebar
Windows Vista introduced a new vertical bar that is displayed on the side of the desktop called the?
Windows Sidebar contains mini-applications called?
Parental controls
Allows the computer administrator(or parent) to configure how other family members will be able to use the computer system.
Are hardware devices or software application that either restrict or allow users and data from an internal or external source.
User Account Control
What does the acronym UAC stand for?
What is the minimum GHz processor requirement for a Windows Vista Premium PC?(include GHz)
What is the minimum amount of memory required for a Windows Vista Premium PC?(include GB)
Windows Vista Ultimate only supports two physical processors with a maximum of two cores in each processor?(True/False)
Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Ultimate
List the six editions of Windows 7:(In order)
Windows 7 has much faster boot time and shutdown compared to Windows Vista?(True/False)
Quick Launch
The Windows 7 ___________ bar is now gone and has been replaced by the Taskbar and Jump list.
Jump List
A new feature to the Windows lineup, and they allow you to quickly access files that you have been working on.
Windows XP mode
Allows an organization that chooses to upgrade to Windows 7 to still have the ability to run older Windows XP applications on the Windows 7 operating system.
Home Groups
Windows 7 networking has been made easier with the improvements of utilizing _______________. Using this feature provides an easy way to set up a network with Windows 7.
Internet Explorer 8
Which version of IE is included in Windows 7?
web slices
Are instances on a website that you can access without the need of accessing the site itself.
Microsoft has also removed many of the fluff items that Windows Vista used, allowing for better performance.
32 64
Windows 7 comes in both ____-bit and ___-bit versions.
4 16
A 32-bit operating system can handle up to _______GB of RAM, while a 64-bit operating system can handle up to ____EB or RAM.(format ## ##)
Flash Player
What popular internet content player will not work on 64-bit Window operating systems?
Planning a Windows 7 rollout is one of the hardest and most important tasks that you will perform when installing Windows 7.(True/False)
Many times Microsoft releases multiple editions of the operating system contained within the same Windows 7 media disk.(True/False)
Windows 7 Starter
Which edition of 7 was designed for small notebook PCs(notebooks)?
Starter edition can be joined to a domain.
Windows 7 Home Basic
Which edition of 7 is not going to be available to U.S. customers, although it's name includes the word "Home" in it?
Windows 7 Home Premium
What version of 7 is the main operating system for home users?
Windows 7 Professional
Which 7 version was designed with the small business owner in mind?
7 Professional is the minimal version required to join a domain?(True/False)
Encrypting File System
What does the acronym EFS stand for?
Branch Cache
Which 7 feature allows for users at branch offices to open fiels and web pages faster?
What is the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed for 7 Home Premium Edition?