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-RC, -LC, -LD

Modifiers that identify a coronary artery:


The abbreviation EP stands for:


A procedure in which a scope is placed into a body cavity:

Vascular families

Within the cardiovascular system, what is compared to the branches of a tree?

No surgical procedure is performed during the same operative session

A diagnostic endoscopic procedure is reported only when:


The number of operative days usually assigned for the global period following implantation of a pacemaker is:

Integumentary System

In what surgery subsection would you find the code for the incision and drainage of a nasal abscess using an external approach to the abscess?

Packing, Ligation, Cauterization

Methods that a physician uses to control a nosebleed:


Term that describes obtaining a tissue sample:


Endoscopic procedures are reported on which place or places to which the scope is advanced:


Term that describes destruction by removing, usually by cutting, is:


Cardiology procedure that involves entering the body to make a correction or for examination:

Coronary or Noncoronary

The major division of the cardiovascular subsection is whether a procedure involved which type of vessel?


A device that can be inserted into the body to electrically shock the heart into regular rhythm:

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