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  1. gesticulate
  2. act all that in/bottled in
  3. braille
  4. disabled
  5. struggle
  1. a to try extra hard to do something
  2. b a form of printing with raised round marks that blind people can read by touching
  3. c having a physical or mental handicap
  4. d keep your emotions inside
  5. e show, express or direct through movement

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  1. the state or fact of existing
  2. drained physically
  3. feeling of being alone
  4. become ill with
  5. in poor condition from neglect or age

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  1. altera feeling of intense unhappiness


  2. struckto hit, in this case to get an illness


  3. vexedstrikingly odd or unusual


  4. pop outappear suddenly


  5. meagerdeficient in amount or quality or extent