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There is a wide variety of carpentry nails, styles and sizes that makes it possible to choose exactly the right fastener for each job. In basic carpentry nails are identified by their typical purpose, such as casing, flooring or roofing nails: or by a physical feature, such as galvanized, coated or spiral. Some nails come in both galvanized and non-galvanized versions. Galvanized nails are used for outdoor projects and non-galvanized nails are used for indoor projects. Inches and numbers from 4…

Common nails

for general framing work and for cement or vinyl coating that improves their holding power.

Box nails

are smaller in diameter, which makes them less likely to split wood and are designed for construction boxes and crates, but they can be used in any application where thin, dry wood will be nailed close to the edge of the piece.

Finish nails

have small heads and are driven below the wood surface with a nail set. are used for attaching trim and moldings to walls.

Casing nails

are used for nailing window and door casing. They have a slightly larger head than finish nails for better holding power.

Brad small-wire nails

They are used primarily in cabinetry, where very small nail holes are preferred Flooring nails, which are often spiral-shanked for extra holding power to prevent floorboards from separating and squeaking. Nails Length: 2" Size: 6d

Duplex Head Nails (Double Head Nails)

are used for temporary construction, such as form work or scaffolding. The double head on this nail makes it easy to pull out when formwork or scaffolding are torn down.


3 1/2"

Drywall (ratchet) nail

This is another specially designed nail with an annular or ring shank its principal use is to fasten drywall to wood studs.

Cut nails

They are rectangular in shape and have a blunt point,with little tendency to bend. They are obtainable up to about 5" long.

Hardboard siding nails

These nails are designed for installing aluminum, vinyl, and steel siding.

Panel nails

They come in round and ring-shank design. The head is small and blends in with the paneling for good appearance.

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