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Catcher in the Rye Vocab


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ostracize; v
exclude someone from a society or group
unscrupulous; adj
having or showing no moral or principles/not honest or fair
pacifist; n
a person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable
lavish; adj
rich, elaborate, or luxurious
conscientious; adj
wishing to do what is right
humble; adj
showing a modest estimate of one's own importance
nonchalant; adj
casually calm or relaxed
passionate; adj
showing or caused by strong feelings
suave; adj
charming, confident, and elegant
recuperating; v
recover from illness or exertion
scraggy; adj
thin and bony
inferiority; n
the condition of being lower quality or status than another
bourgeois; adj
a characteristic of the middle class, usually in relation to its materialistic values
swanky; adj
stylishly expensive
mutiny; n
an open rebellion against authorities
raspy; adj
hoarse or harsh-sounding
alternative; adj
available as another possibility
bunk; n
humbug; nonsense
blasé; adj
indifferent or unimpressed because one has experienced or seen it so often before
clique; n
a small group of people with shared interests who do not typically allow others to join them
precision; n
the quality of being exact and accurate
sacrilegious; adj
involving or committing violation of what is regarded as sacred
inane; adj
lacking sense, significance, or ideas
boisterous; adj
noisy, energetic, and cheerful
fraternity; n
the state of feeling of friendship within a group
incognito; adj
having one's true feeling concealed
cockeyed; adj
crooked or askew
digression; n
a temporary departure in writing or speech from the main subject
pedagogical; adj
relating to teaching
provocative; adj
causing annoyance or another strong reaction, especially deliberately