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Which is not a common pastime of Costa Rica? bull fighting Baseball Ice sports Natural sports
Ice Sports
True or false: Armando Morales used light colors.
Jose Campeche's art work was typically of A) Churches B) landscapes C) portraits D) abstract designs.
A famous 20th century artist who depicts his/her country by painting its people and landscapes is: A) Guzman de Rojas, B) Francisco Amighetti, C) Diego Rivera, D) Frida Kahlo
A) Guzman de Rojas
True or false Dominican Republic has the tallest mountain peak in the Caribbean
How many world cups have mexico hosted?
What is the Río Yaque del Norte most known for?
A fishing
B white water rafting
C washing clothes
D trash deposite
B. white water rafting
Murals make up a vast part of the mexican society? True or false
True or false: the indigenous people of Puerto Rico, the Taino people, typically wore minimal to no clothing.
Chile's national pastime is _______. A) baseball B) soccer C) basketball D) football
B.) Soccer
True/False: The statues of Easter island which is off the coast of Chile are called Moana
Where do Cubans prefer to play chess? Arenas Parks Basements Stadiums
True or False: Many Cuban artists think street art is bad and believe art belongs in museums.
What season does bull fighting occur in? -spring -summer -fall -winter
True or false, Francisco Goya painted for King Charles III of Spain.
T/F: Uruguayan street artists come to the United States to paint in many different American museums to showcase their work.
David de la Mano's paintings were about all of the following except: a. imagination b. conflict c. vice
What is the most popular sport in Panama?
A) baseball, B)football, C)Soccer, D)Table Tennis
(T/F) Handcrafting art is the most popular art form in Panama
El Salvador has the largest soccer stadium in Central America. T/F
Nueva San Salvador is a biking mountain where families spend their weekends.T/F
One pastime of Nicaragua is.
True/False: Guinea Equatorial has both a summer and winter Olympic team.
Which of the following is an instrument commonly played in Guinea Equatorial? a) Flute b) Saxophone c) Trumpet d) Bow Harp
Bow Harp
The civil war killed how many people? 2 million 20 thousand 200 thousand
two hundred thousand
True or False. "Comando Creativo" is a group of artists using their talents to speak out against the Venezuelan government.
Colombias music is a unique blend of all these except: African Spanish (Spain) Peruvian American Indian
Venezuela has two national sports, which are they? A. Baseball and Bullfighting B. Soccer and Bullfighting C. Baseball and Soccer D. Fishing and rugby.
Baseball and Soccer
Who first influenced textiles in Puerto Rico? A. Spain B. Mexico C. Portugal D. England
What is Puerto Rico's favorite pastime? A. Baseball B. Soccer C. Football D. Golf
What are many painters in Honduras inspired by? A. War B. History C. Landscape and Culture D. Farming
Landscapes and culture
Which is a pastime that men in the north in Honduras participate in? A.Video games B.Dominoes C.Skateboarding D. Cooking
What foreign culture had the greatest influence on textiles becoming popular in Ecuador? A. Spanish. B. Mayans. C. Incas. D. Indians
C. Incas
who is the most famous artist from ecuador who specialized in surreal art and liked to paint minorities in agony? A. Salvador Dali. B. Pablo Picasso. C. Vincent Van Gogh. D. Oswaldo Guayasamin.
Oswaldo Guayasamin
The greates holiday celebrated in Guatemala is..... A. Chichicastenango B. Semana Santa. C Christmas. D. Independence Day.
Semana Santa
Which country does Guatemalan music not coercive from? A) Mexico. B) United States C) Spain. D) Argentina
What is the dance during the Carnival in Bolivia? A) Diablada B) Charango C) Quechua D) Mestizo
What is the famous opera house in Buenos Aires?
Teatro Colón
Cubism is often seen in the art in Argentina
Debi nova is a popular music artist in Costa Rica. True False