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Regeneration of an urban area - London Olympic site


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London 2012 Olympic Legacy
was a plan to make sure that the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games had LONG TERM BENEFITS
East London
The location of the Olympic site in Stratford and nearby Tower Hamlets
Urban Regeneration
The whole sale improvement of the buildings and infrastructure of an area.
Reasons Stratford needed the Olympic site
High levels of deprivation, low GCSE attainment and high unemployment
The athletes' village
has been relaunched as a housing estate called the East Village, the rooms have had kitchens added and walls knocked through
£5 Billion
The amount the Olympics was over budget
The amount of new homes created in the Olympic park
the amount of new homes that were supposed to have affordable rents in the Olympic Village
Infrastructure improvements
Such as two Underground lines, a high-speed "javelin" train to King's Cross and Stratford tube station
Have gone up because of improvements brought about by the Olympics, pricing poorer people out of parts of the areas.
Fell over London as a whole during the Olympics but went up in Tower hamlets
The Lower Lea Valley and river
Were cleaned up and kept as parkland in the area
Brownfield site
Areas of land which were once used for urban development
a piece of land that has been used and abandoned, and is now awaiting some new use - The Olympics was built on one.
£9 billion
Of investment was brought into London
£300 million
Cost of the media centre, which will now primarily house Infinity - a data company who want to store information for large corporations.