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Urban Sustainability

Integrated transport systems
When different transport methods connect together, making journeys smoother and therefore public transport more appealing.
Better integration
should result in more demand for public transport and should see people switching from private car use to public modes of transport, which should be more sustainable.
Urban sustainability
A city in which there is minimal damage to the environment, the economic base is sound with resources allocated fairly and jobs secure, and there is a strong sense of community
Waste recycling
The process of extracting and reusing useful substances found in waste
Ecological footprint
The amount of biologically productive land and water needed to support a person or population.
Energy conservation
This is the reduction in the use of energy
Water conservation
Involves is the preservation, control and development of water resources, both surface and groundwater, and prevention of pollution
"warm up north" scheme
Tries to improve the energy efficiency of homes across the North East. Schemes include insulation, UPVC windows or doors, a new heating system or boiler and loft or cavity wall insulation.
Newcastle Hospitals
Have water saving devices such as push taps have been installed in all new builds and refurbished buildings, and water is measured per member of staff
The disposal of refuse and other waste material by burying it and covering it over with soil. Unsustainable.
The burning of solid waste. Unsustainable.
the separation, collection, processing, marketing, and reuse of unwanted material
Rings of open space where houses may not be built
Open space
Land within urban areas that is set aside for scenic and recreational enjoyment
Jesmond Dene, Town Moor
Examples of open space in Newcastle upon Tyne