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  1. 来不及
  2. 借书证
  3. 字典
  1. a jièshūzhèng library card
  2. b zìdiǎn dictionary
  3. c dài- to take or bring
  4. d lái bu jí there's not enough time (to do sth.)
  5. e běn a measure word for books

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  1. kāi to open
  2. lóuxià downstairs
  3. zài then and only then
  4. shíyàn experiment
  5. zhèngjiàn credentials

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  1. pán a measure word used for dishes of food or coils of wire, to coil, plate, platter


  2. 学生证jièshūzhèng library card


  3. 如果xiǎoshí hour


  4. 关门guān to close


  5. mén door