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  1. 其他的
  2. 进去
  1. a qítā de other
  2. b jìnqu - to go into
  3. c pán a measure word used for dishes of food or coils of wire, to coil, plate, platter
  4. d liú - to leave behind
  5. e mén door

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  1. zhèngjiàn credentials
  2. guòqī to be overdue
  3. shèng to remain; to be left over
  4. xìn yòng credit, trustworthiness
  5. xuéshēngzhèng student ID card

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  1. 开到kāi dào... open until...


  2. 找到kāi dào... open until...


  3. 图书馆员túshūguǎnyuán librarian


  4. jiè to borrow, to lend


  5. fá to punish, to fine