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  1. 证件
  2. 信用
  1. a zhèngjiàn credentials
  2. b xìn yòng credit, trustworthiness
  3. c shèng to remain; to be left over
  4. d dài- to take or bring
  5. e wàng to forget

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  1. jiè to borrow, to lend
  2. zài then and only then
  3. bìxū must
  4. yǔ yán language
  5. lái bu jí there's not enough time (to do sth.)

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  1. 借书证jièshūzhèng library card


  2. guān to close


  3. wàng to forget


  4. 楼下bǎ used to indicate how a thing or person is disposed of, dealt with or affected


  5. liú - to leave behind