therapeutic groups

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evaluation group

the purpose is to enable client and OT to assess client's skills, assets and limitations regarding group interaction

evaluation group

appropriate tasks can be completed in one session and require interaction to complete

thematic group

to assist members in acquiring the knowledge, skills and/or attitudes needed to perform a specific activity

thematic group

suitable activities are simulated, clearly defined, structured activities which enable members to practice and learn needed skills

topical group

to discuss specific activities that members are engaged in outside of group to enable them to engage in activities more effectively

topical group

group activity is verbal discussion on an activity that members are engaged in or will become engaged in

task-oriented group

to increase client's awareness of their needs, values, ideas, feelings and behaviors as they engage in a group task

task oriented group

activities create an end product and the task is a way to understand and practice behavior

parallel group

perform independently in the presence of others

parallel group

leader provides unconditional positive regard to develop trust

project group

to develop the ability to perform a shared short term activity with another member

project group

group interaction, not project, is emphasized


members select and implement an activity which requires group interaction to complete


leadership role is less of an active, direct leader; facilitate and allow members to fulfill functional leadership roles


allows 5-10 people to work together. activity requires more than two meetings to complete

cooperative group

to enable members to engage in a group activity which facilitates free expression of ideas and feelings

cooperative group

is to develop a sense of trust, love and belonging; meet groups socio-emotional needs

cooperative group

does not require an end product; activities facilitate and allow for free expression of ideas and feelings

mature group

to enable members to assume all functional socio-emotional and tasks roles within the group

mature group

requires an end product; requires the group work together

mature group

leadership role acts as a peer, an equal group member

instrumental group

to help members function at their highest possible level for as long as possible

instrumental group

activities are structured and completed with assistance as needed

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