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I skateboard

Ando en patineta

You play golf

Juegas al golf

She shares everything

Comparte todo

He is coming from the auditorium

Viene del auditorio

You (formal) worry

Se preocupa

We get angry

Nos enojamos

They have to exercise

Tienen que hacer ejercicio

They have just exercised

Acaban de hacer ejercicio

They are going to exercise

Van a hacer ejercicio

I open the door

Abro la puerta

I open the window

Abro la ventana

We play basketball

Jugamos al baloncesto

I am coming from the movies

Vengo del cine

We like french fries

Nos gustan las papas fritas

You like the movie

Te gusta la película

You like the movies

Te gustan las películas

They play the guitar

Tocan la guitarra

They like to play the guitar

Les gusta tocar la guitarra

We use a helmet

Usamos un casco

We need a helmet

Necesitamos un casco

We run on the field

Corremos en el campo

All of you translate


She asks for


They get scared of

Se asustan de

I repeat

Yo repito

They have fun

Se divierten

She quarrels


I get dressed

Me visto

We send


You fall asleep

Te duermes

She puts on make up

Se maquilla

They smile

Se sonríen

You (informal) laugh

Te ríes

He serves


All of you recommend


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