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Kitchen utensils

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measuring cups
measure dry ingredients/ liquid ingredients
measuring spoons
measure small amounts of dry/liquid ingredients
bread knife
cut bread
carving knife
cut meat,such as roast beef or pork
paring knife
peel, carve prepare fruit and vegetables
serrated knife
slice tomatoes
chef's knife
chop or dice vegetables, crush garlic cloves
vegetable peeler
remove the skin from fruit and vegetables some peelers can be used to core apples
pizza cutter
cut pizza slices
spread sandwich filling, cream cheese, or frosting
kitchen shears
trim vegetables
small skewers
hold together stuffed fish or poultry
pastry brush
baste meat and poultry with sauce, brush frosting on cookies
turn or serve food
remove food
casserole dish
bake mixtures of food, such as vegetables or meat in the oven
double boiler
keep food away from the direct heat of the stove's burner. it is used for cooking custards and melting chocholate
frying pan
fry food in a small amount of fat, like: bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes
heat, cook a small amount of food
cutting board
to cut things on, wood or plastic
you wear this while working in the kitchen