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Summer US History Visitation Bocek

Manifest Destiny

the belief that Americans are destined to settle all the land to the Pacific Ocean

Significance of Oregon Trail

people used this trail to go from the East to the West to settle lands in California

Santa Fe Trail

all trade was open on the Santa Fe Trail for trade between Mexico and America

Settlement of CA (Spanish influence)

Spanish were the first to settle California; Franciscan Friars established a Catholic mission in San Diego; the missionaries forced the Indians to convert; the Spanish government provided military support, annual cash grants, and supplies from Mexico; treated the Indians horribly

Annexation of Texas (Lone Star Republic) - role of British and French negotiations

sped up the process because France and Britain wanted to see Texas become a lone republic

Dispute with Texas over Rio Grande territory

Mexico did not recognize the US annexation of Texas or the Rio Grande boundary between itself and Texas; cause the Mexican-American War

James Polk's expansionist policy

Polk advocated expanding into the West

Treaty of Velasco

Treat signed by Santa Ana and Texans to end the war over Texas; after the Battle of Jacinto

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Treaty that ended the Mexican and American War; America gains territories of New Mexico and California; America assumes the Texan's debt to Mexico

President John Tyler

VP to Harrison, becomes President upon Harrison's sudden death; Whig

Stephen Austin

one of the first Americans in Texas; city of Austin is named after him

Sam Houston

Commander in Chief of the Texas rebellion

Davy Crockett

fought at the Alamo

President Polk (Election of 1844)

last of Jacksonian presidents; won the election of 1844 against Henry Clay (Whig) and Van Buren (Democrat); advocated annexation of Texas and expansionism

General Zachary Taylor

replaced with Gen. George Winfield Scott by President Polk; leading general in the war against Mexico; becomes president

Santa Ana

seized power in Mexico in 1834 and became dictator; he was in charge of Texas during the Texas Annexation problem

John C. Fremont (Bear Flag Rebellion)

settler who lead the rebellion in California against Mexican rule

Battle of the Alamo, 1836

fought between Texans and Mexico over Texas's independence; location: San Antonio; Texans lost

War with Mexico (1846-1848)

caused by Americans wanting the Mexican Territories of Texas, California, and New Mexico; America won

Bear Flag Rebellion

the rebellion in California against Mexico led by Fremont

Battle of Cerro Gordo (Santa Ana's defeat)

Scott's (the general who replaced Taylor) troops force a clear path to Mexico City; this battle ends the war

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