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  1. 4 ways to evaluate strength of Tradition
  2. Chlamydia
  3. DNR
  4. proportionally _______ more in poverty, but number-wise, ______ more
  5. Scholtz
  1. a 1 contact = 30% chance of infertility
  2. b do not resuscitate
  3. c Antiquity, Authoritative Definition, Widespread usage, Consensus of Faithful A DUC
  4. d African American, white
  5. e German soldier, wouldn't shoot, was killed

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  1. prohibitive laws
  2. SSI
  3. distorted desire to possess things out of proportion to our needs/normal wants
  4. Objective moral order; 1) there is an OMO in which some actions are right/wrong. 2) Humans know this through faith and reason, 3) OMO is universal and timeless, and 4) Humans don'r always use OMO
  5. A complete, perfect change

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  1. 4 source theoryScripture, Tradition, Contemporary Experiences, Secular Disciplines


  2. Ohio Works FirstCompetent Authority, Just Cause, Comparative Justice, Right Intention, Last Resort, Probability of Success, and Proportionality


  3. 2 types of EuthanasiaPassive (allowed) and active (not)


  4. Partial birththe set of values/principles tat guide a person's choice as to who they are becoming


  5. Majority of Death Row is in thedeep south