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  1. Living Will
  2. Humanae Vitae
  3. 4 source theory
  4. Thomas Moore
  5. The village and the River
  1. a what medical treatment they want
  2. b Scripture, Tradition, Contemporary Experiences, Secular Disciplines
  3. c Need both works of mercy and social action
  4. d Wouldn't let Henry the 8th divorce and remarry to get a son
  5. e Paul VI, no contraceptives in marriage

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  1. letter stating official church teaching
  2. The quality of Justice that breaks down barriers between people
  3. Antiquity, Authoritative Definition, Widespread usage, Consensus of Faithful A DUC
  4. goal oriented
  5. True in and of itself, needing no outside verification

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  1. % of the world's population that in the US6%


  2. % unwanted pregnancies in AmericaAdam and Eve (God/Humanity), Cain and Abel (family), Tower of Babel (communities)


  3. Consumerismdo not resuscitate


  4. Al-Anonfor friends/family of alcoholic


  5. Webster vs Reproductive Health CareStates decide public funds for abortion