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  1. Partial birth
  2. Kohlberg's moral theory
  3. TANF
  4. Humanae Vitae
  5. Solidarity
  1. a legal in US, killing baby late in pregnancy
  2. b The quality of Justice that breaks down barriers between people
  3. c 6 stages, you can move between them and revert back, most never reach 5-6
  4. d Paul VI, no contraceptives in marriage
  5. e Temporary Aid for Needy Families; protection vs poverty

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  1. less than $18,310
  2. Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and in prison, bury dead
  3. Narcissism, Agape, Philia, Eros
  4. Morality determined by community, time and culture
  5. Competent Authority, Just Cause, Comparative Justice, Right Intention, Last Resort, Probability of Success, and Proportionality

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  1. When Christianity became official and where313 AD Roman Empire


  2. The village and the RiverScripture, Tradition, Contemporary Experiences, Secular Disciplines


  3. Federal limit for welfare3 years


  4. OMOObjective moral order; 1) there is an OMO in which some actions are right/wrong. 2) Humans know this through faith and reason, 3) OMO is universal and timeless, and 4) Humans don'r always use OMO


  5. % resources the US usesScripture, Tradition, Contemporary Experiences, Secular Disciplines