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  1. Roe v Wade
  2. Ohio limit for welfare
  3. 5 parents
  4. Over _____ people live under ____ dollars a day
  5. The village and the River
  1. a 1973
  2. b mom, dad, donor egg and sperm, and surrogate
  3. c Need both works of mercy and social action
  4. d 3 billion, $2.50
  5. e 3 years

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  1. 9 million
  2. 6 stages, you can move between them and revert back, most never reach 5-6
  3. 6%
  4. what medical treatment they want
  5. Antiquity, Authoritative Definition, Widespread usage, Consensus of Faithful A DUC

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  1. When Christianity became official and wheredeep south


  2. In the image and likeness of godNeed both works of mercy and social action


  3. The principle of double effectNeed both works of mercy and social action


  4. SolidarityCo-founder of Catholic social movement


  5. College degree/welfare statisticFederal level to state level


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