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  1. FME
  2. Relativism
  3. ratio kids in poverty in America
  4. Aquinas' dimensions of a moral situation
  5. Just War theory
  1. a 1 in 5
  2. b Triple Font Theory
  3. c Foundational moral experience, ultimate=supreme sacrifice
  4. d morality determined by individual and circumstance
  5. e Competent Authority, Just Cause, Comparative Justice, Right Intention, Last Resort, Probability of Success, and Proportionality

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  1. letter stating official church teaching
  2. Objective moral order; 1) there is an OMO in which some actions are right/wrong. 2) Humans know this through faith and reason, 3) OMO is universal and timeless, and 4) Humans don'r always use OMO
  3. for friends/family of alcoholic
  4. Wouldn't let Henry the 8th divorce and remarry to get a son
  5. low income housing for poor in a building subsidized by government

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  1. Webster vs Reproductive Health Care5 years


  2. Teleological methodgoal oriented


  3. rape/incest abortionslegal in US, killing baby late in pregnancy


  4. Federal limit for welfare5 years


  5. Partial birthlow income housing for poor in a building subsidized by government