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  1. College degree/welfare statistic
  2. In the image and likeness of god
  3. 4 source theory
  4. Hedonism
  5. Natural law quote
  1. a imago dei
  2. b 50 to 1 chance of not needing welfare if you have a college degree
  3. c philosophy of life based on personal pleasure
  4. d Scripture, Tradition, Contemporary Experiences, Secular Disciplines
  5. e Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly

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  1. Morality determined by community, time and culture
  2. Wouldn't let Henry the 8th divorce and remarry to get a son
  3. prohibitive laws
  4. 1) admit they are powerless over addiction, 2) Higher power can restore them to sanity, 3) Turn life over to higher power
  5. African American, white

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  1. Majority of Death Row is in thedeep south


  2. Corporal Works of MercyFeed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and in prison, bury dead


  3. 5 parentsmom, dad, donor egg and sperm, and surrogate


  4. MoralityA complete, perfect change


  5. Partial birthlegal in US, killing baby late in pregnancy