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  1. Objective Truth
  2. # in America addicted to alcohol
  3. In the image and likeness of god
  4. The principle of double effect
  5. 5 parents
  1. a True in and of itself, needing no outside verification
  2. b 9 million
  3. c imago dei
  4. d can't get positive result while also letting injustice occur
  5. e mom, dad, donor egg and sperm, and surrogate

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  1. SSI
  2. 1973
  3. Teleological, Deontological, Relational-Responsibility
  4. Wouldn't let Henry the 8th divorce and remarry to get a son
  5. German soldier, wouldn't shoot, was killed

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  1. 4 source theoryWouldn't let Henry the 8th divorce and remarry to get a son


  2. Jubilee Year and whyall debts forgiven, lessen gap between the rich and the poor


  3. Living Willwhat medical treatment they want


  4. In-vitrofor friends/family of alcoholic


  5. The village and the River4-6 times more likely to become one