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  1. Alcohol/Drugs value
  2. 4 ways to evaluate strength of Tradition
  3. 4 source theory
  4. Ohio limit for welfare
  5. The village and the River
  1. a Need both works of mercy and social action
  2. b Scripture, Tradition, Contemporary Experiences, Secular Disciplines
  3. c 3 years
  4. d Antiquity, Authoritative Definition, Widespread usage, Consensus of Faithful A DUC
  5. e Temperance/Moderation

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  1. Foundational moral experience, ultimate=supreme sacrifice
  2. Narcissism, Agape, Philia, Eros
  3. can't get positive result while also letting injustice occur
  4. 1973
  5. work 30 hours a week/go to classes (only 1 year allowed to do school)

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  1. Child of alcoholic4-6 times more likely to become one


  2. Kohlberg's moral theorythe set of values/principles tat guide a person's choice as to who they are becoming


  3. 10 commandmentsmom, dad, donor egg and sperm, and surrogate


  4. % of the world's population that in the US6 stages, you can move between them and revert back, most never reach 5-6


  5. 2 types of EuthanasiaNarcissism, Agape, Philia, Eros


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