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Ameliorate - verb

make or become better.

Ex: I needed to ameliorate my cooking skills.

Conserve - verb

Preserve from loss ,waste ect.

Ex: we need to conserve what we have left for the winter

Detriment - noun

An injury or loss , or that which causes it.

Ex: this is a detriment of nature.

Exotic - adjective

Of foriegn origin or character; strange.

Ex: the food here is very exotic.


A foolish act or undertaking .

Ex: I wont except your folly.

Formerly - adjective

In time past.

Ex: I was formerly a teacher.

Harmony - noun

the sound of two or more simultaneous tones;the structure and relationship.

Ex: we sang togther in harmony.

Ignore - verb

Pass by without notice; pay no heed to.

Ex: I ignore you all the time.

Impediment - noun

A phsyicaldefect that impairs speech.

Ex: I have ahat people call a speech impediment.

Impede - verb

Check or retard the progress of; hinder; obstruct.

Ex: sorry to impede on your conversation.

Intact - adjective

Remaining unimpared, uninjured, whole, or complete.

Ex: I need to keep this place intact.

Parsimonious - adjective


Ex: the pain was very parsimonious.

Raze - verb

Tear down ; demolish

Reticent - adjective

Disposed to be silent; reserved

Ex: jonathen is a very reticent person.

Retire - verb

Withdraw from business or public life.

Ex: My grandfather retired from his job of 36 years.

Retort - verb

reply sharply.

Ex: his retort was rude.

Subvert- verb

overthrow; destroy

Ex: we must subvert the injustice.

subversion - noun

the overthrowing of .

Ex: this is a subversion that we need.


easily led;docile.
Ex: young children are very tractable.

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