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Me parece + adjetive/adverb +que + subjuntivo

It seems to me + adjetive/adverb + that + subjuntivo

Me parece incredible que algunas personas no reciclen

It seems unbelieveable to me that some people don´t recycle

Está + adverb + que + subjuntivo

It is + adverb + that + subjuntive

Está mal que usemos el coche cuando no es necesario

It is wrong that we use the car when it is not necessary

Es un/una + noun + que + subjuntivo

It is a + noun + that + subjuntivo

Es una pena que haya tantos incendios en verano

It is a pity that there are so many fires in the summer

Es + cierto/evidente/verdad/indudable + que + indicative

It is + true/obvious/unquestionable + that + indicative

Es evidente que tenemos que ahorrar energía

It is obvious that we have to save energy

Está + claro + que + indicative

It is clear/obvious + that + indicative

Está claro que las inundaciones crean muchos problemas

It is clear that floods create many problems

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