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Vocab #2- The Fiery Trial


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Attribute- verb
To regard something as being caused by
syn- accredit, cite
ant- discredit, disregard
Vex- verb
To make someone feel annoyed or frustrated
syn- irritate, provoke
ant- delight, please
Derision- noun
Disrespectful or scornful ridicule or mockery
syn- ridicule, insult
ant- flattery, praise
Disapprobation- noun
very strong disapproval, typically on moral grounds
syn- condemnation, disapproval
ant- approval, support
Assuage- verb
to make an unpleasant feeling less intense
syn- alleviate, relieve
ant- aggravate, intensify
Alleviate- verb
to make suffering or a problem less intense
syn- assuage, reduce
ant- aggravate
Consecrate- verb
to make something sacred
syn- sanctify, bless
ant- desecrate, denounce
Desecrate- verb
To treat something with violent disrespect
syn- degrade, dishonor
ant- consecrate
Indoctrinate- verb
to teach a person or group to accept a set of beliefs
syn- brainwash, inculcate
Quell- verb
to stop; put an end to something
syn- end, crush, sppress
ant- begin, encourage
Secede- verb
to withdraw formally from an organization
syn- withdraw, disaffiliate
ant- join, affiliate
Subvert- verb
to undermine the power and authority of
syn- destabilize,damage
ant- strengthen, fortify
Subjugate- verb
To bring under domain or control
syn- conquer, defeat
ant- liberate
Adamant- adjective
refusing to be persuaded
syn- unwavering, resolute
ant- flexible, variable
Appropriation- noun
the act of taking something for one's use usually without permission
syn- allocation, allotment
Comity- noun
courtesy and considerate behavior toward others
syn- civility, respectfulness
ant- rudeness, disrespectfulness
Peculiar- adjective
-strange or odd
- belonging exclusively to
syn- bizarre, distinctive
ant- ordinary
Perennial- adjective
lasting for a long or apparently infinite time
syn- persisting, everlasting
ant- fleeting, short- lived
Precipice- noun
a steep rock face or cliff
syn- ledge, cliff
ant- valley, gorge
Turbid- adjective
thick with suspended matter
syn- cloudy, murky
ant- clear
Hallowed- adjective
honored as holy
syn- sacred, honored
ant- unholy, detested