Spring List 4

17 terms by tblakemore

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agō, agree, ēgī, āctus

drive, do, act, treat, give (only w/ gratias)

cēdō, cēdere, cessī, cessūrus

give away, yield

contendō, contendere, contendī

strive, content, hasten

dēfendō, dēfendere, dēfendī, dēfēnsus


dīmittō, dīmittere, dīmīsī, dīmissus

send away, dismiss

dūcō, dūcere, dūxī, ductus

lead, guide

gerō, gerere, gessī, gestus

carry, carry on, wage (only w/ bellum)

incendō, incendere, incendī, incēnsus

set fire to, burn

īnstruō, īnstruere, īnstrūxī, īnstrūctus

draw up, equip

mittō, mittere, mīsī, missus


occīdō, occīdere, occīdī, occīsus


pellō, pellere, pepulī, pulsus

drive, repulse, rout

petō, petere, petīvī, petītus

seek, beg, request

pōnō, pōnere, posuī, positus

put, place, set, pitch(only w/castra)

premō, premere, pressī, pressus

press, press hard

trādō, trādere, trādidī, trāditus

hand over

vincō, vincere, vīcī, victus


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