10 terms


1. the study of word formation
2. the study of the structure of words
3. the basic unit of meaning in a particular language
lexical morphemes
words that have meaning by themselves eg. boy, food, door etc
grammatical morphemes
words that specify the relationship between one morpheme and another eg. at, in, on, ed, s, etc.
free morphemes
morphemes that can stand alone as words eg. boy, food, in on etc
bound morphemes
morphemes that occur only in combination eg. -ed, -s, -est, -ing
a minimal unit having more or less a constant meaning eg. buyers is made up of 3 morphemes - {buy} +{er}+ {s}. Each morpheme can exist in other words - teachers
the more combinations a morpheme is found in, the more productive it is said to be
braces { }
indicate a morpheme
square brackets [ ]
indicate a semantic characterization
inicate a lexical stem