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What is the definition of addiction?
Addiction is something that you depend on or are compelled to consume
What are the different types of addiction?
physiological addiction and psychological addiction
What is the definition of psychological addiction?
When your mind keeps asking for more drugs just for the effect
what is the definition of physiological addiction?
when the person is taking the drugs to avoid or reduce situations or withdrawal symptoms
What are some examples of drugs that are considered to be addictive?
Cocaine, heroin
What are some behavioral changes?
your emotion changes by having blurred judgement, you take poor decisions, poor concentration skills, anger issues, mental illnesses
What are some treatment options for people that are struggling with addiction?
Rehabilitation centers, psychological help, psychiatrist help, in extreme cases physical therapy an occupational therapy. The medicines used are detoxification which helps to reduce drug cravings and methadone which reduces the risk of infections
What are the factors that influence becoming addictive?
The genetics that you have, if you have mental illnesses, traumatic experiences, if you experience drugs at a young age and the way drugs are taken(you become more addictive by being injected or being smoked)