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Layers of Earth & Plate Tectonics


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The outer most layer of the earth
The thickest layer of the earth
Outer Core
The liquid, outer shell of earth's core
Inner Core
The sphere of solid nickel and iron at the center of earth
Tectonic Plate; composed of crust and upper mantle
Semi-solid part of mantle; convection currents allow lithosphere to move
Convergent boundary
Two plates collide with each other
Subduction Zone
Part of a convergent boundary where one plate moves underneath another plate
Divergent boundary
Two plates separate from each other
Transform boundary
Two plates slide past each other
Oceanic crust
The thin, more dense type of crust
Continental crust
The thicker, less dense type of crust
occurs at all types of plate boundaries; especially transform boundaries
Mid-ocean Ridge
Occurs at a divergent boundary when magma rises up and cools like a mini mountain range
Formed at a convergent plate boundary when two continental plates collide
Mostly associated with convergent (subduction) plate boundaries but also found at divergent boundaries
New Crust
Created at divergent plate boundary; allows for sea floor spreading
rift valley
a long valley (low spot) in the land formed at divergent boundaries (where plates are pulling apart)
a depression or dip in the Earth's surface

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